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Gustavo Petro is a fraudulent president who does not deserve Colombia

The founder of Vox political party, Hermann Tertsch Del Valle-Lersurndi, shared his strong opinion about Gustavo Petro’s mandate in Colombia.

With strong words, Tertsch declared: “I am convinced that history can be reversed, the hope that eight million voters lost.”

The parliamentarian did not release his criticism by pointing out that the Madrid Forum, months before the controversial statements of the former daughter-in-law of Petro – Day Vásquez – had already announced the existence of sufficient data to consider the president of Colombia that he is “fraudulent” and that he is in power through “fraud” and “obvious illegalities.”

Tertsch did not hesitate to propose the resignation, although he admitted the unlikely possibility that Petro and Pedro Sánchez, the current president of the Spanish Government, would do so.

He highlighted the Colombian epic and compared it to the resistance of the Colombian people to the consultation of the agreements in Havana. According to Tertsch, this event is an example of dignity that remains etched in everyone’s memory.

Finally, Tertsch concluded his opinion by saying: “I think it is clear, he is not the president that Colombia deserves.”

With these statements, the founder of Vox added his voice to a political debate that continues to generate controversy in the country.

Read below the complete interview with Hermann Tertsch, which touches on topics such as amnesty, Pedro Sánchez, Spain’s ‘catastrophe’ of the Junts, the soft right, the purpose of Vox and the São Paulo Forum.

SEMANA: After the victory of Pedro Sánchez and the pact he made for the amnesty of the independentists, how do you see the panorama of Spain?

Hermann Tertsch Del Valle-Lersurndi: Very bad. The Socialist Party cruelly lied to the Spanish people and did exactly the opposite of what it promised until the last minute of the election campaign. They openly say that amnesty (for freedom supporters) is illegal and unconstitutional. All the associations that have any legal responsibility within the State raised their voices saying that what Pedro Sánchez did was criminal and illegal. Criminals become legitimate. We cannot allow that because, in fact, that is an enabling law like the one used by Hugo Chávez to destroy democracy in Venezuela and like the one used by Adolf Hitler in 1933.

WEEK: What are the consequences of this amnesty?

HTVL: No, the king didn’t fail because he had to give him that power. The King first gave Feijóo the chance he didn’t get because he made a disastrous campaign focusing on attacking Vox and not Sanchéz, a character without scruples and without morals who has trampled on the rights of the Spaniards many times.

Week: Could a social outbreak be unleashed in Spain?

HTVL: Tensions are high and rising. On the part of the government, there are orders of a certain definition to sharpen the polarization of those who defend legality. We defend legality; those who oppose the coup are the legal ones; the illegal ones are the government; the illegal ones are those who escaped; they fled the European Parliament in Brussels.

Those who will be favored by this amnesty are people who have not only committed a serious crime, which has caused great harm, but have announced that they will do it again. And because of the votes of the terrorists in the Basque Country, with those votes, Mr. Sánchez created the majority and gave them everything they asked for. From abroad, we know that Puigdemont is working with Putin; there is a connection with Russia in everything that happened in 2017, when plans were made in Russia about the division of Spain for the interests of Russia, China, and Iran.

Weekly: How to take action against the protesters?

HTVL: We see that there are differences within the police because they give them orders, because they are orders from the political police and not from the citizen police. It is a police force that serves the people in a Western democracy, but we are starting to see how political leaders demand arrests without reason, they demand blows for no reason, and they take very alarming measures.

If we add that, for the first time in a long time, we have a direct attack with a weapon in the center of Madrid against a former founder of Vox, who was also from the Popular Party of Catalonia, Alejo Vidal-Quadras, who, miraculously, saved his life and is still in the intensive care community because the bullet entered and exited his jaw and did not damage his brain. If we add that and add that the legal uncertainty is now complete, then the legality of Spain is collapsing. There are companies that say they are leaving Spain to see what happens. They will also leave Catalonia. We are in a dramatic situation.

Week: Is there any danger from the independence movement in Spain?

HTVL: There is red Spain. They have to break it down to be completely red. These are their projects. The Spanish abandoned the internal idea that Spain, the concept of Spain, is almost a Francoist concept, when it is the oldest country in Europe and one of the oldest in the world. Not true. It has not become the enemy of Spain, and so it is linked to all the small groups that have emerged, all of which are based on historical lies and absurd errors. We must look for legal formulas and peaceful formulas, for now peaceful, because we will see where these criminals will take us, who will become the majority of Sánchez’s presidency.

Week: How is the atmosphere in the European Parliament at the moment?

HTVL: Most of them are changing because in all European countries, Vox’s sister parties are making more progress in the elections, which are all to the right of the European People’s Party, which continues to fail because it always maintains the theory that it doesn’t. It has a majority on the right, and that’s why it always votes with the socialists.

The Popular Party is a party that always votes with the Socialist Party in this Parliament, and for this reason, this Parliament, the commission, and the European Union have gone to the left and become a kind of interventionist creation. Social engineering is done to want to liquidate countries, which is against the interests of Europeans. There will be more resistance, and there will be elections in June where we can change that fact.

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