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H. Chamber of Deputies of Paraguay

The Chamber of Deputies, Sobre Tablas, approved a draft declaration “that urges the Government of the United States of America to file all necessary mechanisms to protect the health of Mr. Juan Ángel Nepout Barreto and to respect, protect and defend his human rights”. does.”

The document, presented by deputies Basilio Núñez (ANR-President Hayes) and Juan Carlos Galavarna Ortega (ANR-Central), calls for inmates in US prisons to be able to undergo eye surgery.

The Nepout family then issued an open letter to Mark Ostfeld, the US ambassador to Paraguay, asking for help for himself, as he is in fragile health.

In the letter, he expressed that his compatriot, Juan Angel Nepout Barreto, who is currently incarcerated in a prison in the United States, needs to undergo urgent eye surgery for cataract problems.

He alleges that due to this condition he has lost the sight of one eye, while the other healthy eye is in danger. The note said in part, “He needs to undergo an operation to save the sight in the other eye.”

On the other hand, it argues that the Declaration of Human Rights establishes that “Persons deprived of liberty shall have the right to health, which is understood as the enjoyment of the highest possible level of physical, mental and social well-being, which includes , among others, adequate medical, psychiatric and dental care”.

Similarly, it sets forth the United Nations Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners, known as the “Mandela Rules”, which establish that the provision of medical services to prisoners is the responsibility of the state.

“Prisoners shall enjoy the same standards of health care as are available in the outside community and shall have free access to essential health services without discrimination on the basis of their legal status.”






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