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Hamas and the Gaza tragedy

Hamas in the Arabic language means courage, but in Hebrew that same word has the opposite meaning of violence, a semantic, linguistic and ideological difference that paradoxically succinctly summarizes the dramatic content of the human tragedy that the Palestinians are currently experiencing. and suffering within the Gaza Strip. .

As in every tragic story in literature, the main protagonists make fatal mistakes, causing each other not only pity and fear, but also sins and challenges, which always end badly, or of their inevitability and final destruction in that literature of tragedies, equally classic. and moderns, then unleashed passions and anger among their sympathizers or detractors. In the harsh reality of the tragedy in Gaza, the Islamic Resistance Movement (Harakat al-Muqáwama al-Islamiya), from whose Arabic acronym HMS derives its acronym and name, Hamas consists of a political, paramilitary, Islamic, Sunni and anti-Zionist organization. . It was founded in 1987, originally for charitable and religious purposes under the name of the “Palestinian Wing of the Muslim Brotherhood” by the Palestinian sheikh and spiritual leader Ahmed Yasin, victim in 2004 of a targeted killing carried out by the Israeli Air Force.

The interesting thing is that Hamas, which was initially supported by the United States and its ally Israel for being an opponent of the once-disregarded Yasser Arafat and his Fatah party, since its establishment has become a an important part of the Palestinian identity framework and its survival as a people and nation.faced with the need for self-determination and independence. This wish arose in response to the world’s indifference to their suffering and dismemberment, after the unconsulted Partition Plan of Palestine imposed by the United Nations through Resolution No. 181 of November 29, 1947, without regard to the opinion or consent of those who were deprived of it. Palestinian occupiers.

Therefore, the subsequent emergence of a Palestinian consciousness has much to do with that small, elongated strip of land (41 km long and between 6 and 12 km wide) resulting from the non-consultational severance of Palestinian territory that now consists of Gaza, in Hebrew. .Retzu’at ‘Azza, with its 360 km2 and more than two million inhabitants, packed in close and inhuman.

The old canal zone measures 1,432 km2 with a population of no more than 50 thousand, including civilians and military. The Gaza Strip remains under the strict control of Israel, under a military blockade, whose army has imposed a 500-meter wide no-man’s land within Gaza’s own territory, along the entire 51 km southern border. -west of Israel. , took an additional 29 km2 from its inhabitants. Furthermore, since 1967, Israel has controlled its air and maritime space, its borders, its exports and imports, its taxes, the supply of water, electricity, telecommunications and other essential services, control that hinders its democracy and economic and social development. , cultural and political.

Another fact that contributes to the “great injustice of the Palestinians” to use the words of the famous Israeli historian Avi Shlaim (see his work Israel and Palestine) is the legitimate concern for the integrity and security of the territory of Medinat Yisrael (State of Israel), without forgetting or minimizing the forced and widespread displacement of Palestinians from their land of inheritance numbering in the millions since 1948, a tragedy they call al-Nakba (catastrophe).

Modern Israel has its origins in the Zionist ideas of Theodor Herzl (1860-1904) and his World Zionist Organization (1897) and the biblical roots of Eretz Yisrael (Greater Israel) which included the territories now known as Gaza and West Bank, supposedly part of Dawlat Filastin (State of Palestine), which the United Nations calls “Occupied Palestinian Territories” because they are controlled by Israel. The weakness of the Palestinian, in the face of the greatness of the United States and Israel, can be seen in these occupied territories, as can be seen in the countless Jewish settlements built in the West Bank (Ezór Yehudá VeShomrón for the Israelis).

It is time to change this tragedy in Gaza to a better destiny for its inhabitants, without fanaticism and blind terrorism to make it a reality.

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