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Hamas didn’t kill people on October 7, it killed Jews

The events of October 7 They were alarmed. Innocent children were burned to death, mothers and grandmothers were dismembered, and men were mercilessly shot.

the Hamas massacre cannot be described as a legitimate act of war. This is undoubtedly a war crime. And this raises a perplexing question: How can individuals, even when advocating causes of freedom or faith, commit such heinous and brutal acts? Dra. Berkoaccording to The Jerusalem Post.

According to intelligence and counter-terrorism experts, these terrorists demonize Jews, which allows them to justify their actions.

“They don’t see us as people, so it’s okay for them to kill us,” said anti-terrorism expert lieutenant colonel (res.) Dr. Anat Berko.

Berko spent years researching the moral judgment of suicide bombers, serial killers, and petty criminals. He observed a marked duality in the case of terrorists. On the one hand, they live seemingly ordinary lives, playing roles as loving parents and grandparents with dreams similar to normal people. On the other hand, they chase death.

Berko draws parallels between Hamas terrorists and groups like Ku Klux Klan or the Nazis. He described how the members of these organizations returned to their families and embraced their wives and children. However, when it comes to Jewish children, they are less recognizable as people.

“It is easier (to kill) a person who is not a person,” he said. Itai Yonatowner and CEO of Intercept 9500, which provides high-level intelligence services to corporations and government organizations worldwide.

“When you view an eight-year-old child not as an innocent child but as a potential soldier of an occupying force destined to destroy your loved ones, the unthinkable becomes permissible. Not only do you take their lives, but you believe that by doing so you will be celebrated as a hero.

To the children of HamasSpecifically, they are taught from a young age that Jews and Israelis are evil and must be killed, he said.

Hamas brainwashes children from childhood

THERE ARE many accounts of three-year-old Palestinian children in the Gaza waving toy rifles aimed at imaginary Jews. Even in kindergarten, these children participate in a game called Kill the Israeli. At home, they are exposed to stories of Nakbawhere they believed that the Jews were responsible, and learned about Six day war in 1967, was considered another disaster attributed to the Jewish people. His upbringing was filled with the wishes of his grandparents, who wished to return to their homes since 1948, possibly even with the keys to their homes.

“These terrorists say to themselves: ‘They took what was ours.’ There’s an injustice and it needs to be fixed,'” Yonat said. “When you’re a young adult, with hormones burning, you can be armed, trained and programmed to kill the enemy.”

Berko He also observed that the terrorists he interviewed harbored a deep sense of envy for the Western way of life, believing that it was beyond their reach. They talk about desires for physical intimacy, personal freedom, and drinking alcohol in the context of paradise, as all these things are strictly forbidden in their world. This envy often leads these terrorists to attack places like music festivals, nightclubs, or places where people gather to celebrate life, love, and happiness.

on Israelthat was the Dolphinarium nightclub massacre in 2001, for example, or the 270 Israelis killed at the music festival BAT Last month.

“We do not want to understand that it (terrorism) has nothing to do with human rights, poverty or occupied territories. It has to do with human life.”

“They can’t stand someone who takes advantage of life and has these freedoms,” he said. Berko.

They also believe that those who follow the Western lifestyle deserve to be punished, he added.

“I interviewed the (late) sheikh Ahmed Yasin, who told me that Western women who open up and expose their bodies are relaxed women,” she said. “He said that in the West they lead a life of prostitution. “That’s what he calls it.”

Berko He said that the world should not be surprised by Hamas massacre. These terrorists have done the same thing many times before; The thing is that before there were three, four or 10 victims and no more than 1,400.

“They kill children, massacre families, kill our men, blow themselves up or send others to do it,” he said. Berko. “We’ve seen it all before. The difference is that this time they massacred many people together. “

“I review it with the standard of moral judgment,” he said. “They are ordinary people. They don’t have any mental illness. We can’t say they are crazy.

“I think we are crazy,” he continued, “because we don’t want to understand that it (terrorism) has nothing to do with human rights, poverty or occupied territories. It has to do with human life.”

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