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He had a museum dedicated to Jeffrey Dahmer and followed in his footsteps: the story of ‘The Crossbow Cannibal’

He had a museum dedicated to Jeffrey Dahmer and followed in his footsteps: the story of 'The Crossbow Cannibal'

When you’re young, you usually have idols: a singer, a soccer player, or you can even be Superman. Stephen Griffiths (52) went out of the conventional and his references to it were serial killers. Stephen was a criminologist and had a museum dedicated to Ted Budney, Jack the Ripper and Jeffrey Demer in his home.

The man had a great fanaticism for her and those who came to visit him proudly showed him his “private museum”. No one thought he would become one of them.

Jeffrey Demar: The Story of the Man Who Broke and Ate His Victim

In May 2010, Griffith was caught on security cameras in the building where he lay unconscious before being shot in the skull of a woman. Police arrested him then he called himself “Cannibal With Crossbow”Stephen was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of 3 women and, according to him, there were many more women.

On May 21, 2010, Security Camera Footage Showed The Exact Moment Griffith Hit And Killed A Woman.

On May 21, 2010, security camera footage showed the exact moment Griffith hit and killed a woman.

your complicated life

Stephen Sean Griffiths was born on 24 December 1969 in Yorkshire. United Kingdom, The boy spent most of his childhood in an orphanage with his brothers and according to his neighbours, he was a very quiet boy.

Despite being of a calm nature, Stephen enjoyed roughing and tearing animals, especially birds. He also collected role-playing game books featuring dragons and mythical creatures, and was fond of martial arts and weapons.

At the age of 16, Griffith dropped out of school and began having problems with the law: he was sentenced to three years in prison for stabbing a supermarket employee, and during that time he was in prison, She assured that she had envisioned becoming a serial killer, After serving his sentence and despite his words, the psychological evaluations were favorable and he was released.

At The Age Of 16, Stephen Was Sentenced To Three Years In Prison For Stabbing A Supermarket Clerk.

At the age of 16, Stephen was sentenced to three years in prison for stabbing a supermarket clerk.

Over the next few years, Stephen devoted himself to finishing school, which enabled him to pursue a BA in psychology from the University of Leeds and a PhD in criminology from Bradford College.

Stephen began working in the Criminology Department in Bradford, England. The man had no friends, and showed his study neatly with pictures of his idols to some colleagues and people who visited him at home: most famous killers of all time,

In his personal and exclusive museum he had photographs of John Wayne Gacy, Fred West and his wife, Rose, “House of Horrors” owner, Ed Gein, and his favorite, Jeffrey Demar, “The Butcher of Milwaukee”.

Since Stephen had a bachelor’s degree in criminology and was preparing a doctoral thesis on the subject, no one thought he was thinking of committing a crime. Everyone believed that she is passionate about her profession.

recording and stopping

On May 21, 2010, security camera footage from the building where Stephen lived recorded the exact moment Griffith struck and killed a woman. Stefan shoots him in the head with a crossbow: the arrow gets stuck in the skull. The tapes showed the man lifting the woman on one shoulder and running away with her until the camera left the focus.

The security guard, barely able to react to the images, called the police. Together they saw another scene from the same night of May 21, but later, where Stephen was carrying two plastic bags. From what they tried, you can tell that the bags were heavy.

Griffiths was arrested on the night of 24 May and the next day the decomposed body of a woman was found in the River Aire, about three miles from Bradford. They identified her as 36-year-old prostitute Suzanne Blamire. It was the woman in the security camera footage with a crossbow bolted to her head.

The Crossbow With Which He Murdered The Women He Met In His Apartment.

The crossbow with which he murdered the women he met in his apartment.

Griffiths confessed to the crime without resistance. He also claimed to have murdered two other prostitutes: Susan Rushworth, 43, in June 2009 and Shelley Armitage, 31, in April 2010.

He also said that he had killed others, but did not remember their names or the dates on which he had done so. Police searched records of unsolved murders and disappearances in and around Bradford to try to identify Griffith’s other victims.

In his confession he said that He hated prostitutes, because in them he saw his motherthat he had separated her from her father, and slept with all the men who came before her. And that he had to bear.

He also said that He did not throw away all the carcasses, but cut off some of it to be eaten., He said that sometimes he used to cook them, but he also liked raw meat.

The case was quickly brought to trial and the process was short-lived as the evidence was overwhelming and Griffiths never denied his guilt. Facing the judge, he said: “I’m a crossbow cannibal, call me that.”

the way they work

Stephen devised his own methods for attracting women to his home: he pretended to be a photographer who was willing to pay to have pictures of naked women in his bed, and once there he saw her. After hitting her on the head and sexually assaulting her, he killed her. crossbow

An Image From The Security Camera Of The Building Where He Lived With One Of His Victims.

An image from the security camera of the building where he lived with one of his victims.

Then, they dismembered his body in the bathtub and saved some parts for him to eat. The remaining bodies were packed in plastic bags and dumped in the Aire River in Shipley.

The young man, being a criminology student, knew the area perfectly, with its blind spots without cameras to capture his future victims; In addition, he had the confidence of the girls he attracted with money and drugs to take him home.

“At the time, we thought he was just stupid, because a lot of girls took advantage of him and robbed him when he tried to help them,” Donna, a sex worker who was in a relationship with the killer, told the newspaper. Guardian.

Criminologist James Treadwell, consulted by the BBC, said that Griffith presented a mix of the two types of serial criminal: “We have the meticulous, elaborate killer, who rarely leaves clues. And on the other side is the disorganized murderer, who leaves scars and often commits sexual offenses on the spot. From what has happened, Griffiths has characteristics of both.”

Las Victims De Stephen: Suzanne Blameres, Susan Rushworth And Shelley Armitage

Las Victims de Stephen: Suzanne Blameres, Susan Rushworth and Shelley Armitage

On 21 December 2010, Stephen Griffiths was sentenced to life in prison by a Leeds court for the murders of Susan Blameres, Susan Rushworth and Shelley Armitage; Even today he is serving his sentence without any benefit.

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