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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

He’s an expert on hamburgers and explains the most common mistake you make when making them at home: What ingredients you shouldn’t use

In Argentina, historically, Homemade Hamburger On the basis of minced meat, breadcrumbs, egg, garlic and parsley. However, about five years ago, the version that was born America And then spread all over the world. in this context, Juan Letiericompanions of john john burger (Lomas de Zamora), spoke with Country And reflected on this “new” way of cooking this product, which has become popular today because of its taste, its accessibility and its diversity.

From the age of six, Juan has been associated with gastronomy: either making bread for the family or cooking for his friends. His curiosity about the region made him wonder if he could replicate each dish he liked and unlike others, his knowledge was obtained through YouTube and Google.

,I trust the Internet, but in a judicious way. I read, I watch videos, I take what works for me and supplement with what I know. I evolved from ca… a million things: To learn how to make potato tortillas well, I used 20 . ruined” he explained.

john john burger and youtuber. Producer of Juan LetieriInstagram: @johnjohnburger

The Internet, too, was a means of attracting hamburgers through BurgerFacts and BurgerKid, two influential figures in the region who promoted this new way of making hamburgers in Argentina. “I got interested in this new hamburger they were showing, which It’s a Really Classic Outside BurgerBut we didn’t know that,” he said, “at one point I started looking through these Instagram and YouTube accounts that had another type of hamburger You Proclaimed that these people were better. I started taking tests, they started getting better and my friends asked me to get together every now and then.

In 2018, he had the opportunity to visit a friend’s bar in Burzaco twice a week to cook, and his product became popular there. Two years later, with his friend and partner, he found goodwill in Lomas and opened his own location called John John Burger, Just a few days before the isolation was announced by Epidemic, Starting this way helped them learn from business, customer and dynamics.

He'S An Expert On Hamburgers And Explains The Most Common Mistake You Make When Making Them At Home: What Ingredients You Shouldn'T Use
“I base myself on the Internet, but judiciously. I read, I watch videos, I take what works for me and supplement it with what I know. I grew from ca. .. a million things: to learn potato omelet well, I wasted 20”, explained Juan Letieri Instagram: @johnjohnburger

Today, one of the novelty of the place is its Hamburger Pineapple You jalapenos, “It’s a combination I never imagined I’d want. I thought pizza with pineapple was an aberration and now I see strange combinations with different eyes. If you like sweet and sour this is great, this is moderate And a nice surprise“, he pointed.

Juan, one of the leaders in the field, reflected on the “homemade” hamburger that was traditionally served in every household, but is increasingly being superseded by the North American version. “It’s not like a burger when you try a real burger. When there was a hamburger with breadcrumbs, chopped onions, and eggs; in the family you saw someone elder ate it, but you liked it Pasta Frozen, big and hard to cook” on that hamburger full of vegetables.

“She wasn’t attractive to the little guys, I preferred my grandfather to come and throw some we ourselves grilled on the grill ‘Homemade’ Hamburger as is known here”, he added and argued as to why the incident occurred: “I think it is”. A little ‘Argentinization’ You a little lack of counseling Because there was always information in books and on the internet (…) we tend to modify things a bit and there are some products that are better than others.

His taste for the Internet and audiovisual content inspired Juan. Letieri in Abriari His YouTube channel, John John’s Burgers, encourages him to try exotic recipes, ingredients and sources unknown to him, such as black pancake, which has been talked about in recent weeks. But, in addition, it provides tips on how to make a hamburger the good way and provides its more than 60,000 customers with the tools to experience and discover it. identity at liberty.

Juan Letieri was encouraged to make hamburgers with black pancakes on his YouTube channel

In such a situation, Juan gave tips on how to make the hamburger well. ,plain minced quality meat, The cuts you want to cut to make it today are selected. According to each one’s taste and criteria,” he said, “adding:”handle it as little as you can, weather it and for fire Iron, Grill or whatever. It is a product that has always been consumed in a similar way in other parts of the world and now conforms to this way of eating.Conscious“, that is, With little processed and seasonal products,

“From raw materials to medallions, without turning, without touching, without adding dry spices hey vegetables, It’s meat, what you eat in a steak,” he said.

So the basics of making burgers are:

Despite this basic formula, there is a long debate about the difference between the quality of one hamburger and the other. ToppingsQuality raw material you use, the most important thing is that Technique from which the product is made. The skill of the person making the product: get it to a good point so it doesn’t happen burn itso as not to leave him rawnot to do dry it and make good use of the raw material”Specified the hamburger that had a . focused on looking for balance You balance. ,The difference is in how much work is done on the product and the head with which it is done,” he explained.

“Everyone is looking for their own” identity It’s still the same product inside the hamburger. You go to one place or another and you don’t eat the same hamburger, everyone puts their stamp on it. From cuts of meat, to weight of bread, whether or not wrapped in aluminum foil, uses of french fries, natural or frozen: the entirety of each cook What’s with your product is what it gives you gap”Juan Letieri concluded.

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