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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

How hot is ‘too hot’ to exercise outside?

If heat waves There is an indicator of the summer season in most of Spain, without mentioning that this summer is really getting hot. innumerable fires Which are affecting many areas of the country due to high temperature. And while these temperatures also mean the potential for more beach days, pool parties, and fun in the summer sun, it also means to exercise caution Against an increase in the thermometer, which can be harmful and even dangerous to your health. which consists of hydrate properlyto request sunscreen every two hours, invest on ways to keep your home cool at night, whether with an air conditioner or sweat-wicking sheets; You rearrange your routine Exercise to keep the heat in check as you complete your sports routine.

Many adults prefer to be physically active free Zone, Some of this is an obvious side effect of the pandemic, but it is probably not the only reason. exercise in nature provides additional benefits For your health: Increase your level of physical activity, while making exercise easier. It also reduces stress and cortisol levels, improves mood and self-esteem.

But unlike indoor workouts, bulk temperature of any type, as well as other climatic factors such as humidity; These things should be kept in mind while doing outdoor workouts.

How heat affects your body when you exercise

During exercise in high temperature, our body thermoregulaWhich is the body’s ability to maintain our internal temperature within a safe range.

Every time you sweat, it is an indicator that your body is thermoregulating. An increase in blood flow is another sign. The two reasons combine to make high heart rate To perform the same amount of work as compared to a temperate environment.

To make sure you are able to control your temperature, you should make sure to prepare your body before, during and after your outdoor workouts.


You’ve probably experienced this if you’ve ever practiced a discipline like hot yoga Or Pilates and you realized it was more challenging when you practiced an exercise in a location without heat. So that, it’s possible Train your body to better thermoregulate by increasing the intensity of your workouts and conditioning your body to function at a higher heart rate. The better we are at heat regulation, more effective We can be done with our training.

Even then, conditioning This can only take you so far, because there is a point where the temperature may be too high for your body to thermoregulate.

So how hot is ‘too hot’ to exercise outside?

each body It reacts differently to heat depending on how it is used for high temperatures. but all we must be careful When the thermostat goes above 31 degrees. Can exercise in temperatures above 33°C increase risk Heat stroke, which occurs when the body cannot maintain enough blood flow to all organs and skin for thermoregulation at the same time. Symptoms of heat stroke include fainting, fatigue And already inability to exercise.

almost to 33 degreeYour internal temperature is approx. Will happen 36 to 40 degrees, and that’s the maximum limit on how to exercise safely in the heat. Heat stroke can be more severe and is accompanied by fall down You central nervous system dysfunctionConfusion, dizziness, irrational behavior, etc. In this situation immediate cooling is required.

the best way to avoid Such symptoms are not exercising in extreme heat. This may mean choosing to exercise earlier or later in the day rather than having a higher temperature or staying inside an air-conditioned room. but you should also make sure prepare your body Before, during and after your outdoor workouts to testify that you are able to control your internal temperature as much as possible.

How to prepare your body for exercising in the heat

Simple: Moisturize. before exercise, always drink two glasses of water, then, during activity, try to drink four to six ounces of fluid every 20 minutes, and always drink again Once you do.

Outdoor Exercise

Whenever you exercise, you must hydrate well to make up for the water and sodium loss that occurs during sweating.


Because sweating is one of the main ways your body cools, you’re losing water through your skin. Another thing you’re missing are electrolytesEspecially sodium. sodium It is one of the most basic minerals that our body needs to carry out some basic processes.

drink water or sports drinks There is a way to replenish your stores with electrolytes. But beware of sports drinks, which often contain a lot of sugar. Bananas and beets also help.

In general, for every pound you lose due to sweating, Replace it with at least half a liter of water, You may need to drink up to 20 percent more fluids than usual.

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