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Saturday, August 13, 2022

How to Avoid the Rebound Effect After Dieting

Diet works to reduce weight, the biggest challenge is to maintain the lost weight. And that is, often in the long term, known as ‘.rebound effect‘, i.e. gaining more weight than what was lost when returning to previous habits. This can lead people who try to lose weight into a vicious cycle of weight loss and result in both physical and psychological distress, as it creates a great sense of hopelessness. It is possible to avoid this if we put ourselves in the hands of professionals and practice some habits.

What is the rebound effect and why does it happen?

in a healthy person, weight loss It occurs when the body consumes more calories than it takes in. Consume the fat we have stored to get extra energy. For this reason, when someone wants to lose weight, they usually plan a hypocaloric diet, that is, low calories so that their body can consume the remaining energy through its reserves.

However, this process is not simple mathematics, as our body is a very complex and sophisticated machine that adapts to the circumstances. Thus, after a period of more or less extensive caloric deficit, our body responds by optimizing its metabolism for the calories consumed.

That is, it starts spending less energy than before to do all its tasks. For this reason, as the diet progresses, in addition to losing less weight, as we return to our pre-dieting habits, we tend to recover the lost weight more quickly. This is one reason why, in general, long-term diets usually do not work if they are not accompanied by a change in habits to be maintained over time and if they are not accompanied by some form of physical exercise.

Rabbits to avoid rebound effect after diet

Despite the difficulties, all is not lost, as the rebound effect can be avoided with a few simple keys.

Avoid the Miracle Diet, Avoid diets with any ‘last name’, such as, for example, ‘pineapple diet’, ‘cleanse diet’, ‘ham sandwich diet…’ This type of diet, in addition to promising rapid weight loss What does not usually last over time, usually has negative health consequences and is quite unbearable.

Diet, always by professionals. Visiting a nutritionist every 15 days or months is not a fad. On the one hand, he is the most appropriate professional to help you lose weight along with making your diet balanced and healthy, and on the other hand, he will tailor your diet to your needs and your weight loss. And it is that, in a slimming process, the diet we start with is not exactly what we need to maintain the lost weight.

Weight loss, better progressive. It is very likely that the loss will be more pronounced when we start, but still, we should try to make it very progressive. The ideal would be to do this in phases, with periods of transition to the ‘norm’ diet, in between periods of calorie reduction. This way, although the process takes longer, the process will be more tolerable and it is less likely that our body will get used to reducing calories.

The diet should be easy to follow, So it should be adapted as much as possible to the taste and habits of the person who is going to follow it. It is also ideal that it is not overly restrictive and contains all the nutrients (hydrates, proteins, fats…), without destroying any, but in adequate proportions.

Image Of A Prosthesis For Carrying Weights At A Gym In California.

Diets are not forever, habits are. It’s useless to be on a diet for months if later we’re going to revert to the habits that have made us overweight that we want to get rid of. That’s why, although diets aren’t forever, good lifestyle habits are. A healthy diet doesn’t mean filling up with restrictions or measuring every calorie we eat, but eating a balanced diet, rich in vegetables and fruits, healthy proteins, whole carbohydrates, nuts… and yes, from time to time. But the mind does too. time, but it is not ideal.

exercise yes or yes, Exercising is an essential pillar when we want to lose weight for many reasons. First, because consuming more calories will lead to weight gain faster and more effectively; And the second, and more important, is that we will reduce the loss of muscle mass, and the more muscle mass we have, the more calories our body will need to function daily. so it is very important aerobic exercise that promotes weight loss (running, cycling…) strength exercise, which will help us maintain and tone our muscles and increase our basal metabolic rate, which is the most important thing to avoid the dreaded rebound effect. In addition, the practice of exercise provides many benefits for our physical and emotional health, which will help us better cope with the process.

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