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How to Get Strings in Minecraft 1.19 Update

String is a valuable item (Image via u/Supercat50 on Reddit)

Strings are a useful item in Minecraft that can be obtained in a variety of ways. Players can use it to make wool, fishing rods, and more.

There are many items that can be overlooked in terms of value. Everyone knows that ender pearls are incredibly useful. The same goes for flammable rods, diamonds, hearts of the sea, enchanted books, etc.

Other goods, by comparison, do not seem as valuable. No one gets agitated on seeing rotten flesh in the chest. Nor do they jump with joy when there are seven bones in that chest.


String is one of those items that doesn’t demand excitement, but it’s actually very useful. Here’s where to get it and what to do with it in the 1.19 update.

Strings in Minecraft 1.19: A Complete Guide

The main way to get the string is to kill spiders (cave spiders included). They will drop the spider’s eyes and stare at death. This crowd can fall to two strings. Looting increases by one per level.

However, spiders aren’t the only mobs that drop strings. The striders aren’t hostile, so many gamers won’t hit the first one, but they drop the string as well.


In the Java version, this can be anywhere from zero to five strings, but in the Bedrock version, there is a two-string floor for striders. Robbery does what it does with spiders.

Cats can also drop strings, up to two. However, looting does not affect their drop numbers. However, many Minecraft users prefer not to kill cats.

Additionally, Tripwire can occur naturally in Minecraft Jungle Temples. There are five in each. Breaking it will also drop the string set up to trigger it. This means players can get five strings just by finding a Jungle Temple.

The wire can be pulled from the cobweb with a sword. These are found in abandoned villages, citadel libraries, igloo basements, and monster spawners in mineshafts. If the nets are broken with anything other than a sword, they will not break the string.

Cobweb Drop String (Image Via Mojang)
Cobweb Drop String (Image via Mojang)

Pushing them over the cobwebs with a piston or running water will also cause the strings to fall off. Using scissors, the spider’s web falls off instead of the wire.

String is also a very rare fishing booty item. However, the best place to find it is in the chest. There are several chests that have strings spawn:

  • Dungeon Chest – Eight. 57.8% chance of being up to
  • Bastion Remnant Generic Chest – 4-6 . 24.4% chance of having
  • Bastion Remaining Bridge Chest – 47.9% Six . likely to be
  • Bastion Remnant Hogglin Stable Chest – 3-8 . 22.8% chance of having
  • Desert Temple Chest – 59% chance eight . until
  • Pillar Outpost Chest – Six. 39.1% chance of being up to
  • Woodland Mansion Chest – Eight . 57.8% chance of being up to

The spawn rates are the same in both Minecraft Bedrock and Java Edition.

String is an integral item in the crafting recipe for bows, fishing rods, bundles (whenever they are added in future updates), candles, crossbows, leads, looms, scaffolding and white wool.

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