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How to use spices to enhance your dishes

there are many types of spices They are used in the kitchen to give flavor and aroma to the dishes. From cumin and cinnamon to ginger and turmeric, Each spice has its own properties and health benefits.

In this article we will introduce you to some types of spices. more and less common and how they can be used to transform your recipes and how you can take advantage of them. find out how Include spices in your daily diet And enjoy its varied flavors and health benefits.

Benefits of using different spices in food

  • Antioxidant properties: Contained in spices antioxidant compounds Which help protect the body from damage caused by free radicals responsible for aging and various diseases.
  • Reduction in Salt Consumption: Using Spices in the Kitchen Can Help reduce salt intake Which is used in dishes, since we impart flavor with them and it does not require that much salt, which is beneficial for heart health.
  • Better digestion: Certain spices, such as cumin and gingerContains properties that help improve digestion and relieve intestinal problems.
  • Immune system stimulation: Spices contain compounds that may help stimulate the immune system And protect the body from infection and disease.
  • Blood Sugar Control: Certain spices, such as Cinnamon and CardamomIt has properties that help control blood sugar levels, which is beneficial for people with diabetes.
Cumin Is An Asian Spice, Widely Used In Indian Cuisine.Cumin is an Asian spice, widely used in Indian cuisine.

Some of the most common spices and how to increase their use


cinnamon has one sweet taste and is often used in desserts and drinks. something that many people do not dare or do not know that it can look great some savory dishesSince in addition to being sweet, cinnamon has a ‘spicy’ background.

for example in Cream sauces for cookingA pinch of cinnamon can enhance the flavor without changing it. We can also dare very strong roast meats or game such as veal, wild boar, venison …


cumin is warm and earthy flavor And it is used in many cuisines around the world, including Mexican, Indian and Middle Eastern.

It would be ideal with roast beef, you just need a pinch to add a ‘smoky’ touch to the dish.


Turmeric has one bitter taste and is often used in Indian and Southeast Asian cooking. she is also known for anti-inflammatory properties,

It has a distinctive yellow/orange colour. It is commonly used to flavor dishes. Curry, we can also use it to give hint of taste for ever tasteless white rice Which we use as a partner in many dishes.

black pepper

Black pepper has a pungent flavor and is used in many cuisines around the world to flavor meats, vegetables and soups.

is one original spice Which can rejuvenate the taste of any dish. is the version of white pepperAnything bland and that’s the result of the pepper not drying out completely.


Ginger Is A Species That Is Obtained From A RootGinger is a species that is obtained from a root

Ginger has a spicy flavor and is often used in Asian and Caribbean cuisine, as well as in hot drinks.

we can dare Use it in desserts and snacksWell, we all know the famous gingerbread cookies. The trick is to mix it with cinnamon and sugar and not overdo it, otherwise it will turn out to be too spicy.

garlic powder

Garlic has a strong, pungent taste.

This is another pantry classic that, like black pepper, animates any dish that needs it. In addition to meat, it can be used and it will look great salted toast (Catalan, avocado…) and, for example, a pizza baseMix with tomato sauce.


tastes of nutmeg hot and sweet and is often used in desserts, drinks and savory dishes in European cuisine.

It may remind us of cinnamon, but unlike it, nutmeg has more ‘neutral’ To pair it with savory dishes. It is one of the key ingredients of béchamel, but it can also be great in almost any sauce for pasta, meat and even fish.

tips and tricks

The Variety Of Spices Can Be An Important Factor When CookingThe variety of spices can be an important factor when cooking
  • to fish: Use spices that are not too strong, as the fish has a distinctive taste. Try enhancing it with white pepper, lemon and garlic powder… For a different touch, you can give it a pinch of sweet paprika or dill.
  • for white meat: Chicken, turkey, hardly has any flavor, so you can go a little crazy and play with the spices. Black pepper, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, even a pinch of nutmeg….
  • for red meat: This, unlike the previous ones, has a more specific taste, so we must be careful. Once again, flakes of pepper, salt will be a sure hit… and a needed touch will be given by aromatic herbs such as rosemary, parsley, thyme, etc.
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