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I don’t intend to kill him anytime soon

Adrian N., the confessed killer of the young Rocío Cáiz, has again acknowledged the crime before the famous jury that prosecuted the events, which happened on June 2, 2021 in Estepa, in the Seville Court since last Friday. The accused, for whom the Prosecutor’s Office requested fourteen years in prison for homicide and the family of the victim, permanent reviewable prison for murder, showed his agreement to the first of these qualifications and admitted that he strangled his partner “in front” before. cutting it up and hiding the corpses in different places in the town. That gossip, even if he choked him from the front or from behind, is one of the knots of this terrible case and the key if he is convicted of homicide (the victim has the possibility of defending himself) or of murder ( the victim was attacked by surprise). In any case, the accused defended himself by saying that Rocío’s death was the fatal result of a previous fight between the two and denied any planning. “I don’t intend to kill him anytime soon,” he said.

The accused gave a detailed account of what happened in the fatal days before the summer three years ago. To begin with, he said that he met Rocío when he was thirteen years old and that they were still dating when the events took place, although he then admitted that they were “two months apart.” “I don’t want to know anything about him,” he stressed. He detailed this idea several times throughout his testimony, for example to make it clear that he moved from Martín de la Jara (he returned to his parents’ house after the separation) to Estepa on his own initiative.

“He sent me a message. I blocked him on WhatsApp, but he told me something happened to the child,” he said. Their child was born in January of the same year. “He told me that he won’t see the boy if I don’t pay him, he even sent four people to fight me, that day I told him not to show up, but he called a taxi driver and he. arrived,” he explained. This was another point of disagreement between the parties, because the accusations continued that he was the one who called the taxi driver to pick up Rocío.

Adrian N. went on to recall that he insisted that he enter the house to “talk about something urgent.” “We sat in the dining room and talked about what to do with the baby. I called the taxi driver who came at nine o’clock at night. He took the baby’s clothes and told me to get in. I told him no, on the way outside, but he called the taxi driver not to come. We went out for a walk, bought food and a bottle of Larios. We went home, we remembered all the good things we had and we kissed and had sex, ” he said.

From there, according to him, everything fell apart. “I took my cell phone to meet my friends. He took it by force and told me that I can’t do that, that we decided to give each other another chance. I told him ‘let me’ and he punched me with the phone in my hand.” He pushed me, I got up and the fight started, I punched and kicked him and he also hit me. There was a time when he pushed me to the door and there was a rope there. very nervous and angry… And he pushed me. He said ‘you rude reprimand, you never gave me what I wanted’. I took the rope and he said ‘let’s see if you dare. the rope around his neck, he rubbed me, I told him to ‘shut up’ ‘Shut up’. I did not intend to kill him at any time, “detailed the murderer, who, when asked about the direction of the strangulation, answered: “I was facing him, I put the rope on top of him and squeezed him from the front.”

Rocío died at that moment and that’s when the second part of the crime began: the dismemberment. “When I saw that he was quiet, I looked at him and his eyes were red. I tried to revive him and I said ‘My God, what have I done?’ I drank three quarters of a bottle of Larios and walked around the house ‘I killed the mother of my child…’, I said. Then I went to the kitchen, took a knife and sliced ​​him in the room,” he admitted.

“I don’t even see the point of it,” continued the accused, who in the following days dedicated himself to hiding the corpse in different parts of Estepa. As later shown by a civil guard, the locations are a supermarket, a river, an olive grove and a lot of an industrial estate next to the warehouse where Adrian works. “I don’t remember anything about those days, I was disconnected,” highlighted the inmate, who remained in the provisional prison since he confessed to the crime and was arrested. Previously, he took possession of the victim’s cell phone and posed to send some messages to Rocío’s mother. “I’m pretending to be him to get time and reflect on what I’ve done. I have no intention of running away,” he warned.

The confession came a few days later. “After four days I couldn’t take it anymore, I couldn’t sleep or breathe. I called my mother and told her that I killed Rocío. I went to Herrera, to the barracks of the Civil Guard, and there I told them that I went me to surrender myself.” because I did something brutal, I killed the mother of my child, and they handcuffed me and took me to the places where I hid the body,” he said.

As many civil guards later agreed, this confession took place before Adrian was arrested. “Nothing stopped him from leaving the first time,” one of the agents admitted.

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