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If You Suffer From Blurry Vision, This Is The Vitamin You’re Missing

When a person begins to have blurred vision, he may have a number of health problems that are linked not only to the condition of his eyes, but also to other factors such as diet.

The Clinica Baviera, a private health institute in Spain, warns that feeling blurred vision is one of the most frequent eye symptoms resulting from vitamin B12 deficiency.

That’s because “like other B vitamins, it’s important for protein metabolism. It helps with the formation of red blood cells and maintenance of the central nervous system,” according to MedlinePlus, the virtual encyclopedia of the United States National Library of Medicine.

To that extent, the Baviera Clinic explains that there are many effects that a deficiency in this vitamin can cause in the eyes.

In fact, he explains that blurred vision “can occur when untreated B12 deficiency damages the nerve endings of the optic nerve that leads to the eye. This damage can disrupt the nerve signal that travels from the eye to the brain.” Goes up to, due to which the vision is obstructed.

But it can also affect the health of the eyes to such an extent that it causes tremors and a condition called blepharospasm, which is a spasm that occurs in the eyelid area. This is due, according to the above clinic, to the fact that a deficiency of vitamin B12 (or other minerals such as potassium and magnesium) facilitates the appearance of these involuntary movements.

Blurred Vision Is A Symptom Of Diabetes.

Blurred vision is a symptom of vitamin B12 deficiency. – Photo: Getty Images

And this can cause another symptom called dry eye. The clinic states, “Vitamin B12 deficiency has been associated with various pathologies that cause pain such as shingles, diabetic neuropathy, surgical procedures… Vitamin B12 has antioxidant activity and may improve corneal re-epithelialization and reinnervation.” Is.”

In addition, it indicates that a deficiency of this vitamin can have other effects on the eyes such as inflammation, photosensitivity (increased sensitivity to sunlight) and the presence of degenerative diseases such as glaucoma.

Swollen Eyes

Puffy eyes can also be a symptom of vitamin B12 deficiency. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

It can also make the eyes yellow, because “deficiencies in these vitamins cause changes in red blood cells and can increase the presence of a yellow bile pigment called bilirubin. As a result, our skin or our eyes acquire a yellowish tinge.” Details of Baviera Clinic.

There are people who are more likely to suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency because of their health conditions. Among others, there are pregnant women, people who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet (since it is a vitamin obtained mainly through animal protein) and young children.

MedlinePlus states that there are also certain factors that can make it difficult for the body to absorb the necessary levels of vitamin B12 to allow it to function properly.

Among other conditions, he cites the consumption of alcoholic beverages, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, infection with a parasite called the fish tapeworm, and, in general, health problems affecting the digestion of various foods. .

Anemia Is A Deficiency Of Red Blood Cells.

Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to anemia. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

In turn, having surgery to remove pieces of the stomach or small intestine can increase your risk of vitamin B12 deficiency.

“Vitamin B12 is found naturally in foods of animal origin such as fish, meat, poultry, eggs, milk and milk products. Vitamin B12 is not normally present in plant foods. Fortified Breakfast Cereals Vitamin B12 These grains have higher body availability of this vitamin for vegetarians. Some nutritional yeast products also contain vitamin B12,” explains MedlinePlus.

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