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Saturday, January 22, 2022

I’m begging my pregnant anti-vax patients to get shots. Not working.

Recently, as I’ve been discussing COVID vaccination with my pregnant patients, I’ve become more clear about what can happen if they don’t get vaccinated. I am a high-risk obstetrician in New York City, and I have been caring for patients with COVID both inside and outside the hospital for almost two years now. To be honest, I’m sick and tired of doing this, and I’m bent on getting my patients safely to the other side. Vaccines are the best way to accomplish this.

Most of my patients have either been vaccinated or are open to it; They just want to talk and ask their questions about security and evidence. This kind of conversation is one of my favorite parts of my job. Let us talk about how the vaccine works in the pregnant body; We talk about comprehensive, reassuring security data. I share with them that getting the vaccine would actually have an amazing benefit for the fetus: the antibodies made by their bodies in response to the vaccine travel through the placenta and provide protection for the unborn baby.

But some patients are more resistant. A small minority is outright hostile. They tell me that the vaccine is dangerous, that it has been rushed, that I am spreading propaganda. “You know what’s dangerous?” I say. “COVID is dangerous, that’s the truth.” The data clearly shows that COVID is harder on one’s body if you’re pregnant: You’re more likely to end up in the hospital than you are, needing oxygen or even needing intubation. .

I tell the patients what I have seen with my own eyes. I tell them that I have taken care of many pregnant patients of COVID. I have taken care of fever patients and vomiting patients. I have cared for patients who required nasal cannula oxygen, and then face masks, and finally intubation. I also have a small number of pregnant patients who require extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, essentially a lung bypass machine—our last-ditch effort for someone whose lungs don’t work. I have cared for patients who needed to give birth to their babies prematurely due to illness. I have cared for others who have lost their pregnancies: patients who came in with pneumonia, and no fetal heartbeat on ultrasound, possibly part of their overly inflammatory response to this devastating virus.

All this happened to patients who were not vaccinated. This tracks with several studies: Unvaccinated pregnant women are at risk of serious illness and pregnancy complications from COVID. Those people could get sick anyway if they had been vaccinated, especially with the circulating Omicron type. but no She Sick. Vaccinated people don’t usually get that sick, including pregnant people who are vaccinated. They have a cough or congestion, perhaps a fever, and they usually get better. But those patients had not received the vaccine, and by then it was too late. I share my experiences with my patients who are resistant to the vaccine as I try to prevent it from being too late again.

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There are parts of my experience that I do not include in my speech because they are too deep. I would not describe the endless anxious conversations I have with other medical workers about caring for a patient with a worsening of COVID pneumonia at 24 or 26 or 28 weeks’ gestation. At that point, the baby may remain outside the mother, but may be seriously damaged. Should we be delivering anyway to try to reduce the stress on the patient’s overworked lungs? Or could it just be the result of a premature baby, and there is no improvement for the mother anyway? Is the patient too unstable for delivery in any case? There are no good options.

I can’t describe the diminutive conference room where NICU doctors gather to make unimaginable plans from maternal fetal medicine, critical care, and infectious disease. I don’t tell them about the time we put a caesarean delivery kit on a pregnant woman’s bed, ready to deliver her baby if she starts to die. I do not describe a post-caesarean delivery patient who is now on a ventilator and is breastfeeding. She isn’t awake, and we don’t know if she ever will.

Those are the parts I don’t talk about with patients. Without the patient who comes for a doctor’s appointment against vaccination, my counseling is pretty dark. Even the basic facts are too dark to be effective: When I talk about what I’ve seen, patients think I’m exaggerating or trying to scare them. I’m just telling the truth. And it’s strange and confusing to me that these patients would accept my advice on their insulin dosage or their blood pressure management, but they couldn’t believe me on this one important thing.

I can’t dispel all the misinformation about vaccines in a 20-minute antenatal care visit, no matter how much of my experience I share. In fact, I’m starting to realize that trying to do so is counterproductive. These particular patients are so deeply committed to their worldview, to a reality where COVID is always mild and no one ever dies, and one in which rejecting a vaccine is not only a reasonable decision, but Only sound judgment. And of course, for it to be true, everything I say, everything I see must be false.

It’s hard enough to fail to provide the care I think can be lifesaving. It is even more difficult to deny my personal integrity. Everything I say is not a lie. I saw all that; I’ll watch it tomorrow and more next week, and I want to stop watching it. Trying to explain this to patients has taught me, it turns out, there is a limit to what I can do to change their mind. And I’m trying to figure out how, exactly, I keep up with him without giving up completely.

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