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“In March or April we will have a new project for the Andoain junction, but until we see it, calm down”

Bazkardo Knot, in Andoain. It is one of the largest pending interventions. Explain to me what will happen with the subsidy of 476,000 euros from the Ministry of Transport to the City Council to do an alternative study to what you have already done.

In fact, there is a project in the province with allegations and that based on the information I have, before the election, this Department decided to end the process (it was shown to the public), and start a new- or, acceptance of allegations. received or almost most of them.

María Ubarretxena:

María Ubarretxena: “In tolls we are the guinea pigs, but we found the key and others want to copy us”

Allegations from the City Council?

There are many allegations: from individuals, from the residents of Sorabilla, from the platform of those affected, from the City Council … Not all of them are accepted, but most are received. Many of them, and what has been done is, with the allegations accepted, to order a rewrite of the project presented at the time. This project is currently being drafted and will be completed in March or April. That’s the time to take it back to the public and reopen it to allegations, but we’re not there yet.

But what is on the table is a subsidy from the Spanish Government to the City Council to now do a study on it. What do you think?

It draws our attention, in this case, that the Spanish Government has given a subsidy to a road where it does not have the kind of competence of a public entity, which also does not have the ability to do something about a something that doesn’t exist. yours. It’s like your fifth floor neighbor giving permission to your third floor neighbor to work on your house, when no one owns your house. It is a little strange and, above all, what attracts our attention is that the public money received from the Government of Spain to do something in a capacity that is not his own, when, for example, we know that, in this case, Europe has given more than 300 million euros to Spain, through the Next Y MRR funds (Recovery and Resilience Mechanism), for the adaptation of the tunnels that are in the trans-European axis, like ours in A – fifteen. And there, where it corresponds to us, we receive zero euros. We all need to be a little more strict in terms of using public resources.

“The subsidy of the Government of the Andoain City Council is like your neighbor on the fifth floor giving permission to your neighbor on the third floor to work in your house”

Maybe they think that Bidegi’s income is enough for them.

Last Monday we had a meeting with the new Secretary of State for Transport and Sustainable Mobility, with José Antonio Santano (former mayor of Irun), who knows our reality. And he knew there was a comparable complaint there. Navarra received 40 million for the Belategi and Almandoz tunnels, while Gipuzkoa received zero euros for an investment of 93 million euros that it had to make entirely from its own pocket.

“Europe gave Spain 300 million to adapt the tunnels of the trans-European axis and there, with powers, zero euros went to Gipuzkoa.”

Can’t that be fixed?

They told us that they will try to solve it through the general budget of the State in a negotiation. But of course, that’s where we enter another field, and we all see what politics is like in Madrid.

Do you know if the consideration of the allegations accepted in the new project that you drafted satisfied the Andoain City Council? In what grade?

Let’s see, we met with the mayor of Andoain when the legislature started and they asked us to also try to see the possibility of … I saw them …

With lead feet?

I don’t know, I think that between the platform that emerged there, the chaos that emerged, the 2011 project … Of course, the 2011 project, now, as it is, is not possible, because it cannot follow the current legality, nor the margin of the river, or other issues. Yes, I can see they are very upset about the variant issue. All I ask for in this matter is calmness and patience and not nervousness. In March or April we will have a new project and this is the time to see how it goes, but until you see it and until you get it, be calm and patient.

“If the City Council wants to do this study, until there is a new project we will go two years”

Suppose you wait to see the alternative report that the City Council faces on this money and present it to you. What deadlines are we talking about? How long does the process take?

Well, if the City Council wants to do a study, a public tender of these characteristics, no less than half a year, just the tender, in addition to the time needed by the winning company to carry out the project. And until we have a new project it will be two years.

Do you mean that nothing can be done in this legislature?

What you need to remember is that there is traffic and daily queues there. And that problem must be solved. So, one thing is to delay and do nothing in this legislature, then another is to delay and do nothing in this legislature.

“We all need to lower the decibels, stop the fights, platforms, noise and disturbance, because I don’t think that leads anyone to a successful conclusion”

Is it a failure for you not to do these things in the current legislature?

No, let’s see, I’m not going into those terms.

A disappointment?

I think that now we have to try to combine the positions. This topic is brought to a point that is very emotional, very visceral, and what needs to be analyzed is never explored. If you need to visualize the long-term infrastructure of the territory, more than feelings, what you need to analyze is data, traffic and other parameters. So, I think what we need to do in this story is to lower the decibels, be patient and stop fighting, platforms, noise and disturbance, because I think that will not lead to a successful outcome for the County Council. in Gipuzkoa, or the Council of the City of Andoain, nor the citizens, not only in Andoain, but in other parts of the territory, because we consider the 70,000 cars that pass that road every day; and these traffic jams affect a large part of Gipuzkoan citizens.

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