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Interview with Coldplay leader Chris Martin: what he said about Messi, Argentina and his memory of Gustavo Cerati

Interview with Coldplay leader Chris Martin: what he said about Messi, Argentina and his memory of Gustavo Cerati

Chris Martin was the exclusive hero of the previous edition of telenoche, The leader of Coldplay participated in an interview conducted by Juana Viale and Bebe Contepomi with their bandmate, guitarist John Buckland, in which they praised the Argentine public, explaining why playing “De Music Lite” is an act of humility and Predicted a very close final between Argentina and England facing the World Cup in Quatar.

“We have been in Buenos Aires for three weeks. We are very happy to be here, and the reason we agreed to give this interview is to say ‘thank you’ because it was a very special moment for us”, the singer explained ahead of the band’s tenth show. Started off. Memorial Stadium. And I add: “We’ve always loved living in Argentina, but this time around it felt like we had opened a whole new level. Maybe it’s because things have gotten a little crazy now, and the power of love and joy is even more important.,

“We have come to thank you. Everyone has been so nice to us since we arrived… The people of Argentina are the best in the universe. I don’t have words to express how excited they are for us to pursue what we love to do and to go other places where it’s not so easy to open up to people. So we are so grateful and we can’t wait to go backMartin said. And he reinforced: “For us, as a band, it’s like charging your phone with energy when we play here: it gives us everything we need to go around the world.”

The musician also explained that relationships with the public are important to him when he is on stage. “I think we just show how great the audience is here. We act as a mirror. We are like any human being… We need that power of connection with the masses, especially Because of Covid and what is happening in Ukraine, in Iran and many other places. We are very lucky to be doing the places we love.”

This Tuesday, The Band Gave Their Tenth And Final Show In The River.
This Tuesday, the band gave their tenth and final show in the river.Ricardo Access

Then, Wyle said that he had attended some of the band’s vocals and noticed that what prevailed was the atmosphere of love. ,We are not afraid to express love. Maybe because we’re old. But here’s something that makes us feel aliveMartin replied. Regarding the visual commitment of his singing, the singer hinted: “The four of us connect with all the elements that make up our show. Especially now that music and visuals are the same thing with TikTok and Instagram. With music comes an image. And that’s how it works in a concert.”

“For example, we played a song three nights ago and tried to change it… When we played it, we realized that we had made the wrong decision, and the visual effect was wrong. I tell you that we went inside It’s insulting to each other on the inside! So if the lights and effects aren’t right, you get weird. We think it’s all supposed to come together,” Martin explained.

One of the distinguishing features of Coldplay concerts are bracelets that are given to the public upon entry and that change colors during the show and suit what happens on stage. “We started those bracelets ten years ago… They were designed by a guy who made sex toys. He’s great at working with little drums. He’s crazy! A little like Babe…” , the singer joked.

,When we saw them, we said: ‘We need this on our show.’ And every year, they keep developing them; Now we can color them and create new patterns. But the reason we love them is that they really make everyone a part of the show; Because in a big stadium, once you see the band for five minutes you think: ‘I already got it… there are four people’. But if you have the lights on, it brings the show to 60 thousand people. It’s not just one band on stage. That’s why we love those bracelets: because they reinforce the feeling that we’re all one family.“, she claimed.

Dazzling Bracelets Are A Hallmark Of The Coldplay Show
Dazzling bracelets are a hallmark of the Coldplay showsantiago filipuzzi

As for what genre he identifies with most, Martin said: “When we played in London a few months ago, Mick Jagger came to visit us and said, ‘That’s the power of soft rock.’ I think we have the spirit of rock and roll: freedom of expression and authenticity. I don’t know if we can be considered a rock band now, because we do different things, but it’s important to us that we All four should always be on stage.” And the guitarist revealed: “I think the main secret of keeping us together after 25 years is friendship, love and brotherhood. We grew up together and realized that we only had one thing in common. We have to appreciate it. Because, probably, we didn’t know how to appreciate it at first. We thought, ‘We are here because we have to be great.’ But now the load is on friendship, caring for each other and helping each other.,

Many of the band’s collaborators are of Argentine nationality. As is the case with the public, that choice has to do with a strong connection. “We don’t care about nationalities or borders. We work with special people everywhere and people are special wherever we play. We do not take into account his nationality, but it is true that we have close ties with many Argentines. And maybe because it’s easy to feel their warmth… The same happens with the public. We all play for audiences that are incredible around the world, but here’s a little more open”, expressed the singer in Spanish.

In each rendition performed by the band in Buenos Aires, one of the most important moments is as a tribute to one of Soda Stereo’s greatest hits, Gustavo Cerrati. In the interview, Martin explained why he decided to include the topic: “To be honest, ‘De Sangeeta Light’ is the best song of the show, no doubt about it. And it’s not ours. So it’s humbling for us, because when we’re feeling like rock stars, we play it and say, ‘Well… it sounds better than our songs.’ And it’s very true. The show is incredible, but when we play that song, the audience is in awe. It is a lesson of humility and keeps our feet on the ground. It’s a great song, amazing… it’s always fun to play,

Chris Martin shocked the public by stating that “Of Light Music” is the best song in his repertoire.

,I think when a singer dies, especially a loved one like Gustavo, people really remember him. It’s hard, because nothing is permanent and everything flows, so it gives us an extra push. We do it as a sign of respect, but also because we love it. This is true“, He added.

For the end, Contepomi suggests that he play and give his predictions for the World Cup in Qatar. “I think England and Argentina are going to get to the final. We’re going to draw 3-3 in regulation time. Two more goals each and then by definition penalty. There’s no one to miss from a penalty. And then, They have to do something extra”, he counted out excitedly. And he ended: “The game is going to last 10 years and eventually they will decide to share the cup. And then everyone’s going to look up and say: Wait a minute… That’s a good idea. Come make friends! And Argentina and England are going to fix all the problems in the world. Coming back to reality, Martin admitted: “Lionel Messi is the best ever … so it’s a loss,


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