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Investing in bricks in the US: 6 key points to consider before making a decision

Investing in bricks in the US: 6 key points to consider before making a decision

The volatility of the global macroeconomic context has added to a local scenario which is uncertain and complicatedonce again placed the real estate sector of the United States among the first priorities of the Argentine investor.

Invest in Bricks in the United States one of them Safe and selected options for the savers multiply capitalBecause the real estate investment business allows the generation of physical property operations with a fast return on investment in dollars.

However, for many, investing in a foreign country can mean venturing into unknown territory or looking somewhat sophisticated.

Despite this, according to a real estate development specialist based in Miami, and with operations in various US states, Jose Maria Softa“It provides investment options in the country different price ranges, Thief With new and small investors who are added to the already consolidated people, in addition to the great investors who are distinguished by their experience, competence and professionalism”.

These new investors may feel overwhelmed by the idea of ​​exploring projects outside the country, and may bet exclusively on part of their savings. this is why it is important inform yourself in advance With responsible entities and with the best professionals.

Next, highlights of real estate development specialist Jose María Softa six important points What to consider before investing in real estate,

The Advantage Of Investing In Bricks In The United States Is That The Income Will Be In Dollars.  Photo: Archive

The advantage of investing in bricks in the United States is that the income will be in dollars. Photo: Archive

1. Investment Type

The first and most important point is Define investment type, Even within the real estate market, several styles should be examined to see which one best suits the characteristics of each investor profile.

For example, you a. can start with business line analysis, residential, or hotel, etc. Once the preferred area of ​​economic activity is defined, a macro and micro level study of the project begins.

2. Location

There is one more point to take into account real estate project location In question, as this will likely have a significant impact on the profitability of the investment and is a point that cannot be revised in future.

It’s not just about looking for big cities like New York or San Francisco, where prices can be exorbitant and profitability very low, but it’s about finding projects in strategic locations with opportunities.

This can mean many things, including:

  • close to criticalCities or towns with a high level of tourism or business
  • Proximity to natural areas, attractions, symbolic events and national parks.
  • Distance from company or government headquarters among many others.
For Many People, The U.s.  Investing In Can Mean Venturing Into Unknown Territory Or Looking Sophisticated.  Photo: Archive

For many people, the U.S. Investing in can mean venturing into unknown territory or looking sophisticated. Photo: Archive

3. Writing

Depending on the type of investment you choose, it should be noted that may or may not have title deed, For example, the famous “time shares” that were so popular many years ago do not offer full ownership of a hotel unit, but instead provide a percentage for using a certain week of the year.

This implies several limitations, the most obvious being that its investment character becomes non-existent, as it does not appreciate in value over time and cannot be easily sold as a wholly owned asset.

4. Company or natural person

Another factor to keep in mind is whether the investment is being made in the name of a individual or corporate entity, It is advisable to speak to a US accountant to be advised which is the best option for each.

In the case of an LLC (limited liability company), which would be similar to an SRL, there are companies, such as Tiber Services, that offer the assembly of legal vehicles for these purposes, as well as maintenance services and tax return preparation. ,

New Investors May Feel Overwhelmed To Search For Projects Outside The Country And Especially To Stake Their Savings.  Photo: Archive

New investors may feel overwhelmed to search for projects outside the country and especially to stake their savings. Photo: Archive

5. Type of Profitability

For an investor, the amount of money you will get from your income is an important aspect when deciding where to put your savings. This can happen in two ways.

On the one hand, you can find out about the appreciation of real estate field you are interested in, in addition to the economic analysis of the country in general, to estimate how much your property will cost in certain years. Also, that property Income can be generated by rentingwhich can be paid, usually monthly or quarterly.

profit of investment in the United States that the rent will be in dollarsAnd it is not necessary to manage your property, but there are management companies that can do this work in a comprehensive and professional manner (including finding tenants, paying expenses, maintenance, among various other services). , which allows the investor to enjoy and only worry about getting their earnings.

6. Bank Account

The investor must consider that he can use any Bank Account – New or Existing-, for financial management of your investments in any country in the world. You can also open one in the United States so that you can receive your return there. With LLCs, there are companies that provide investment services to facilitate this whole process, making it a lot easier.

invest for the first time in the United States It is not impossible or difficult, as many believe; But, on the contrary, everyone can do it, because there are investment opportunities for all types of savers, whether they are small or large.

It is also an enriching experience that can be done remotely. It is time to take important steps if what you are looking for is to diversify and strengthen your investments in a safe and profitable way in the short, medium and long term.

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