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Is Anakin Skywalker a vision or a forced ghost?

After a fourth episode that greatly pleased fans, The fifth chapter of Ahsoka raised a lot of expectations. In the new part, the series promises numerous emotional moments in which the protagonist and his former master, Anakin Skywalker, were the focus. And it lived up to expectations, provided some answers, and also raised new questions.

At the end of the fourth episode, Ahsoka awoke in the world between worlds, where he was reunited with Anakin. As soon as the fifth chapter begins, Hayden Christensen’s character explains to his padawan what his goal is in this mystical enclave far from time and space. “I’m coming to finish your training,”Skywalker tells him after talking about the battle against Baylan Skoll that Ahsoka lost.

Next, both visit some scenes from the past; the youth is the protagonist. Through the World Between Worlds, Ahsoka travels back to her first mission when she was a child in the Clone Wars. There, she scolds Anakin for not worrying about the damage caused by the fight she caused. “When Obi-Wan trained me, we were keepers of the peace. But now, to win the war, I must teach you to be a soldier”, he responds concerning how they must adapt to times of conflict.

“I’ll teach you to lead. To survive. And to achieve it, you have to fight.” Sentence, given little Ahsoka’s reticence. IThe sentenceashback that follows, Anakin explores this idea imore radically Together, they travel to the Siege of Mandalore, the battle that Ahsoka fought in the seventh season finale of The Clone Wars. At that time, She had already left the Jedi Order, and Anakin was slowly falling to the Dark Side. Well, it’s all happening at the same time as Revenge of the Sith. And that’s what he confronts Ahsoka about.

After a discussion about inheritance, Anakin asks him the same question as at the beginning. “I give you the choice. Live or die.” He unmasks, showing his transformation into Darth Vader, this time wielding his red lightsaber. In the middle of the fight between the two, they return to the world between worlds. “Time to die,” Vader declares. But Ahsoka wins in the end with a smart move and puts her sword around Skywalker’s neck. Then he turns it off, throws it into the void, and shows that he has understood everything. “I choose to live,” says the Jedi. Anakin regains the light.

These flashbacks are the final lesson for Ahsoka, who always felt like she was the main culprit in the loss of her master and the dark future of the galaxy. Through this meeting, Anakin manages to remove all of his apprentice’s feelings of guilt and remorse, allowing her to live from now on without the burden she has carried for so many years and remove this terrible part of her legacy.

But while Anakin’s teaching may be clear, There are doubts about the true nature of this phenomenon. It was suggested that he was a Force ghost, although he did not possess the ethereal bluish aura characteristic of the Jedi from the afterlife. Also, The possibility that he was the real Anakin from the past was explored. who had entered the world between worlds before transforming into Darth Vader.

Even if the episode doesn’t make this entirely clear, given this, this option is completely out of the question. Skywalker shows that he knows what fate has in store for him during and after the events recounted in Revenge of the Sith.

Actually, in the beginning, when Ahsoka tells him that she doesn’t plan on fighting him, he replies that she’s heard that before. This is a clear reference to the duel between Vader and Luke Skywalker on the second Death Star that takes place at the end of Return of the Jedi. In this fight, Luke tells his father, “I will not fight you.” VaderOf course he continues the attack untiOf, when Palpatine wants to finish off Skywalker and decides to switch sides to save his son and redeem himself.

The Jedi is therefore fully aware of his entire history—past and future. For this reason, it is most likely a new Force Ghost modality that he can only live in the world between worlds, or rather, that this Anakin was born directly from Ahsoka’s imagination. A vision of power Several clues suggest this.

Firstly, this world between worlds doesn’t work in the same way as the one in Rebels, where there were portals through which you could travel through time. They don’t exist here; however, Ahsoka travels back in time herself and enters her old body. Another clue is that Jacen Syndulla can see the lightsaber fight between the two—something that would be impossible if she were truly in the world between worlds, far away from the planet Seatos.

The boy doesn’t just feel Ahsoka physically but also notices the emotional experience you are experiencing. And finally, the warrior does not leave the mystical enclave through a portal as before but returns to normality when everything is flooded with the water that aurrounds her in the sea.

Visions of the Force have already appeared in Star Wars. The most obvious thing is that Luke Skywalker was in Dagobah Cave while training with Yoda. That it’s all a vision doesn’t make it any less real to those who live it. Ahsoka knows she has seen Anakin, be it the original. For this reason, when she returns, she does it very refreshed and realizes it in the white tunic that she wears. To know more about this new Ahsoka, you’ll have to wait for the sixth episode of the series, which premieres on Disney+ on Wednesday, September 20th.

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