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Isabellita, the infiltrator of the Mother of Plaza de Mayo, trained agents until the revelation on page 12. He resigned as a teacher in August.

Isabellita, the infiltrator of the Mother of Plaza de Mayo, trained agents until the revelation on page 12.  He resigned as a teacher in August.

a day later page 12 Published that she had infiltrated the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo during the dictatorship, Isabelita resigned as the last post in her territory Argentine Federal Police (PFA), Despite being asked to be discharged from the Information Corps in 2004, He had spent all these years training new cadres of the force at the Federal Intelligence School (EFI) and the University Institute of the Argentine Federal Police University (IUPFA)., The persistence in the structures of forces of those working in a dictatorship shows that Challenges that democracy still faces Argentina – who will turn 40 next year.

A few days earlier, in the courts of Komodoro Paya he found the file of Isabel Correa as a teacher in the PFA. folder shows that Bachelor of Science in Education Started working as a teacher in 1995, when she was still reporting here Department for the Protection of Constitutional Order -better known as POC-. The POC was created in late 1983 and had its first major Peter Santiago GodoySentenced as a torturer in the secret centers known as Atlético-Banco-Olimpo (ABO), In the first years of democracy – believe it or not – he was in charge of protecting the judges who, among other things, had to investigate the crimes of the dictatorship. In 1994, POC’s investigation was involved in Attack on AMIA – and in destroying key evidence.

During more than 25 years as a teacher at PFA, Isabelita taught subjects such as Theoretical updates and political trends, meeting methods and procedures -which basically refers to the method of obtaining information- research and analysis method or situation analysis. She did this initially at EFI – where she became the head of study – as well as at IUPFA.

In 2013, the woman was The then Security Minister Nilda Garres condemned The Special Documentary Survey Group (GERD) found a record in his file that he had infiltrated Maddress during the dictatorship. In those years – particularly in 1981 – another former PFA agent Luis Alberto Martínez – known simply as the “Japanese” – mentioned a woman whose name was “Isabelita” as the person who infiltrated the group of mothers and relatives they met at the Church of the Holy Cross, It also appears in her file that she appeared in a complaint made internationally.

For 45 years, Isabelita never had to explain – she also continued to train new generations of PFA members, while being condemned for her involvement in one of the most emblematic cases of crimes and repression against humanity Was: The disappearance of three mothers and two French nuns from the Plaza de Mayo.

He resigned on 17 August, a day after the newspaper reported his intrusion into the Madres de Plaza de Mayo.

“When human rights have been violated on a large scale, The state has a range of obligations that go beyond prosecuting those responsible”, he tells her page 12 Fabian Salvioli, UN Special Envoy for the Guarantee of Truth, Justice, Repair and Non-Repetition, “One of the most important measures for non-repetition of facts is called procedure” revisionWhat is this Removal of people who have been directly or indirectly involved in human rights violations from state structures“, he adds.

“If there is any aircraft in which I have detected a strong resistance to carrying out this procedure in countries of all continents, it is the region The esprit de corps makes it very difficult to carry out that task due to the security forces and intelligence services, Due to which many problems arise. In the case of Chile, it is clear: despite the fact that the country became democratic, the security forces reacted to the suppression of the protests two years earlier in the same way as the (Augusto) Pinochet police reacted”, An example of an officer. of the United Nations. “If you have someone who may commit a crime in the performance of their job and then are responsible for training the people who are going to do safety tasks and chores, the result is pathetic”Salvioli highlights.

The Information Corps to which Isabelita belonged is one of the best known and least investigated intelligence agencies. He’s the one who joined Jose Pérez—the IOC, the spy who infiltrated the Jewish community—or Americo Balbuena, a spy involved in the Walsh Agency. has not been classified Information beyond what is sent in specific legal cases. “Countries, after many years, have no serious reason that prevents them from making that information public. By not proceeding with declassification, the only thing it generates is the impunity of these people, therefore, in that case, the state is failing to comply by lapse”Salvioli explains.

“The gravity of this situation is not this woman in particular, but that this training institute continues to function as such. She may be a testimony to the continuation of a police model that is not conducive to democracy, In a democracy, our daily struggle is to denigrate violence and this place ultimately belongs to the rule of law”, he says. George AutoFormer head of the Prosecutor’s Office for Crimes Against Humanity (PCCH).

for the sociologist daniel feststeinThe focus should be on the lack of real changes in the security forces in recent decades. “It is naked that there has been no improvement in the security forces during all these years of democracy. Presenting the matter of human rights does not solve the formation of forces. It is a cosmetic remedy that does not deal with the underlying problem, which is the curriculum, the teachers and the functioning of these bodies.”, says director of the Center for Genoside Studies (CEG) of the National University of Tres de Fabrero (UNTreF).

“We always condemn that those who worked under dictatorship remained part of the oppressive system of the state and continued to train new generations”Contributes Deputy of Left Front and Workers – Unity (FIT-U) Mary Bregman, “This is clearly seen in the case of Isabellita, but it is not only that: the political content of the harassment perpetrated by the Information Corps of the PFA can be seen. For this reason, we have always sought is – and now we do it with a bill from the National Congress – that this body be dissolved”, Bregman insists.

During the administration of Chief of Security Sabina Frederick, a proposal for a complete reform of the PFA – which included the Information Corps – was worked out – but it was never made public. Cathol also has intelligence law reforms that Christina Kamano focused on together with a group of experts.

“The Origin of the Information Corps Is a Vice: It’s Totally Secret”They say Paula Litwachki, executive director of the Center for Legal and Social Studies (CELS), “Since the information was never made public, these things could be as if a person who could have been involved in crimes against humanity continues to teach because no one knows who he is. What with the information corps.” We have never finished discussing what to do”, he remarked.

Litvachki, one of the experts studying the relationship between intelligence and the justice system, will be present at in Montevideo on October 13 and 14, when the Inter-American Court of Human Rights will analyze the request for active memory to condemn the state of Argentina for its role against AMIA Bombing, “In those hearings” We are going to discuss the burden of secrecy in the interference of agents of the Information Corps and the impossibility of reconstructing the truth after so many years. ahead. This is a debate that Argentina has owed for decades.

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