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Israel is 18th in military power

The two joined forces to reconcile the conflict over the occupation of Palestine

Israel, as opposed to the Islamist group Hamas, is ranked 18th among the countries with the most military power, according to the “Global Firepower 2023” analysis, which measures the power of the armies of 145 countries. In first place is the United States, followed by Russia, China, India, the the United Kingdom, South Korea, Pakistan, Japan, France,, and Italy. Palestine does not appear on the list, while Ukraine, which is at war with Russia, appears in position 15.

“A country’s classification has categories ranging from the number of military units and financial status to logistics capabilities and geography,” the analysis explained.

The first four countries remain in the same position they occupied in 2022; however, last year the fifth place was Japan, the sixth was South Korea, the seventh was France, the eighth was the United Kingdom, the ninth was Pakistan, and the tenth was Brazil. This last country left the “top 10″ this year. In the case of Israel, it remains in the same position.

Regarding the strength of active and reserve military personnel, although China has the largest number, the United States is the country with the largest military budget. “For the current year, the United States maintains its important place at the top of the GFP (Global Firepower) index ranking because it shows impressive numbers in the key categories of materials, finance, and resources. The country is a world leader in technology and advanced in key sectors. ”

Israel stands with many battle tanks

According to “Global Firepower 2023”, Israel stands among the countries with the most war tanks, with 2,200 tanks; it also has 601 aircraft and a defense budget of 30 million dollars, occupying 18th place in the rank with the most military power. In comparison, for example, Mexico has no tanks.

The front-line armored combat system takes into account wheel track designs and is considered by all branches of service. Examples of vehicles include battle tanks such as the German “Leopard 2,” which is considered one of the most advanced armored vehicles in the world, with an automatic loader, coaxial autocannon, and an independent periscope for the commander, or the Russian “T-90”, whose model is also bought by India and whose new versions will be used by Russia against Ukraine.

On the other hand, to measure the number of aircraft, Global Firepower tracks the total strength of the air service for each national power and also considers the helicopters available in all service branches, such as the Army, Armed Forces, or Navy.

“The types of aircraft considered include multirole fighters or interceptors, basic or advanced trainers, fixed-wing transport or helicopters, bombers and dedicated ground attackers, and platforms for special missions.”

American support

In the case of the war that Israel faces in the Middle East, this country sees itself as superior and has all the geopolitical and military support of the United States.

This week, Mexico’s neighbor and top leader in military power, which ranks first in the world, offered Israel combat material in its dispute with Hamas and sent it an ammunition plane on Tuesday to reinforce its weapons.

Mexico rose three places

This year, Mexico is in 31st place out of 145 countries measured in the list, an improvement of three positions compared to 2019, when the administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador began. According to published information, the country has a defense budget of six thousand 456 million dollars, 250 thousand active military personnel, and a reserve staff of 65 thousand troops.

As active personnel, it is necessary as a reference that “all personnel considered under active duty, these elements are ready to fight that can be used in a country at a time.” Moreover, according to the report, it has 468 military-powered aircraft, 194 ships, and no tanks.

In the fifth report of the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, it was announced that with the equipment of the Armed Forces of the country, it is possible to maintain the operational level of the aircraft at 65% with the implementation of 1,100 maintenance services, of which 501 for fixed-wing aircraft and 599 for mobile-wing, as well as 1,167 corrective maintenance services for 890 fixed-wing units and 277 for mobile-wing.

“The Vessel Replacement Program continues, beyond their useful life stage, to maintain the operational capacity of the marine fleet.”

Among the actions taken, they emphasized that The construction of five Immediate Response vessels, “ERI I,” has been completed, which are distributed in different ports. “The vessels ERI-101 and 102 of the RN-16 Naval Command in Puerto Chiapas, Chiapas; the ships ERI-103 and 104 of the RN-9 Naval Command in Isla Mujeres; and ERI-105 of the RN-7 in Lerma, Campeche Five ERI I Immediate Response Vessels are in the process of construction at Marina Shipyard Number 3, in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz.

It was also added thattoo preserve the operational capacity of the surface units present in the Mexican Navy, 85 preventive and maintenance maintenance services were carried out, of which 30 were for the larger surface units, 18 for Polaris I and II class interceptor patrols, and 37 unscheduled corrective maintenance for various surface units. “With these actions, it is possible to maintain the level of operation of the fleet at 65.2 percent.”

Ukraine just beat Russia by location

Since February 22, 2022, Ukraine has been invaded by Russia with inequality in terms of troops, budget, and weapons. Comparing military power by country type, “Global Firepower” analyzes military power, aircraft, ships, budget, logistics, and geography, where Ukraine wins only in location.

For starters, Ukraine has 200,000 active military personnel, a difference of 630,900 soldiers compared to Russia. In its defense budget, there is a difference of 52.6 billion dollars.

Logistics refers to airports and air terminals.

The war in Ukraine has “unleashed a massive human rights, humanitarian, and displacement crisis with the hallmarks of the worst disaster of its kind in recent European history,” according to Amnesty International.

In addition, the organization emphasized that at the same time as the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian authorities unleashed an unprecedented wave of repression across the country against independent journalism, anti-war protests, and any dissenting voice. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was met with widespread criticism in the country. Tens of thousands of people protested peacefully and denounced the attack on their social networks. “The Russian authorities responded with repression against those protestors and critics, arresting more than 16,000 people for violating the country’s regulations on public gatherings.”

It was also noted that the authorities also clamped down on some independent media outlets, forcing many to close, leave the country, or limit their reporting on the war and instead cite official Russian reports and non-governmental organizations rights as foreigners or unwanted agents, face arbitrary closure or blocking of their websites, and are subjected to other forms of harassment.”

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