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It’s Aries season! The Fire Sign’s Fashion, Finance, and More Trends for 2022

It's Aries season!  The Fire Sign's Fashion, Finance, and More Trends for 2022

Let’s get furious!

Welcome to Aries – the official start of spring! As the Sun ignites in the fiery realm of Aries – symbolizing the mighty Rama – starting from March 20 and ending on April 19 this year, to feel supercharged to lead and enter new territory Prepare.

As the forerunner of the zodiac, Aries empowers us to pursue our desires and feel inspired by life. We can start a new journey now as we harness the courageous, adventurous and passionate energy of this zodiac sign. Ruled by Mars, we are hungry for adventure, power and victory.

Fashion, Music, Fitness, Hair, Finance (Cryptocurrencies and NFTs!) do not miss it! Be sure to follow me, all my favorites, and everything in pop culture astrology to get to know!


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What’s in it for women’s and men’s fashion: We mark the arrival of spring with the excitement of Paris Fashion Week, showcasing the 2022 ready-to-wear collections as well as the official start of the zodiac year with the season of Aries!

We saw bold colors, super structure, and confident expressions for both women and men in Paris earlier this month. Paris runways bring the roaring getaway of the Aries season with Lanvin, Stella McCartney and Valentino bringing an all-over, takeover of pink Power,


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what does it have: Our Aries “choice of the month” is from Lil Nas X’s groundbreaking in his honest word: “That’s What I Want.” Breaking down barriers, he sings: “Need a guy who clings to me all night, keep me warm, love me long, be my sunshine.” Still, the song’s appeal demonstrates a universal longing for deep human connection: “I need someone who loves me, I need someone who needs me.” Lil Nas X also happens to be an Aries and this song exemplifies this zodiac sign’s passion, love, and bold craving for true relationships – even if they can inevitably plunge into them before thinking twice! From the opening signature guitar to the closing refrain – “So I want someone to love, that’s what I want f—king!” There’s no shortage of this bold Aries energy.

Fitness Trainer Don Saladino, As Well As Lipstick Coming Out Of A Tube, As Well As An Image Of Bitcoin, With The Aries Sign Behind Them.
Fitness trainer Don Saladino is uncovering Aries’ inner athlete.
NY Post Photo Composite


Follow celebrity fitness trainer Don Saladino.

what does it have: Here’s your Aries fitness tip: Lateral bound. This is an explosive motion to work your thighs, quads and glutes. A great athletic movement to feel the burn and put your energy into good work. Enjoy!

Don previously spoke with the New York Post regarding being a superhero trainer to mega stars like Hugh Jackman and Blake Lively. Exclusive discount code for post readers: NYP APRIL 20% off on all their events here. Also, happy birthday Don!

women’s hair trends

Follow celebrity hairstylist Brandon Liberty.

Fashion Hair Trends

Women’s Hair Trends by Brandon Liberty @BrandonLiberati – Featuring Mixi @ItsludaKrys

Female Hair Trends

Women’s Hair Trend by Brandon Liberati @BrandonLiberati Micro bangs featuring @GameCrusherPresents

Female Hair Trends

Women’s Hair Trend by Brandon Liberty @BrandonLiberati – Red Bob Featuring @RachaelTheDinosaur

what does it have: Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so don’t be the last to find out what hair trends are up for women this Aries! Charge up in spring with this hybrid pixie-mullet hairstyle called the “mixie”—it Brave Haircut is very Aries! Dare to be bold like this sign and not follow in the footsteps of others. Try one of the hottest trends this ram season, “micro bangs” also known as “baby bangs.” They really work with all hair types! Wear them straight, curly, heavy or wispy: Just make sure they’re cut above the browbones. Confidence is one of the hallmarks of this sign and no other haircut shows off more than the always-on-trend bob. You can turn up the heat by dyeing any of these hairstyles a color that represents this dynamic sign – Red,

Men’s grooming and hair trends

Follow celebrity hairstyle, Kristen Serafino.

Men'S Hair Trends

Check out men’s hair and grooming trends by celebrity hairstylist Kristen Serafino!

Men'S Hair Trends

Check out men’s hair and grooming trends by celebrity hairstylist Kristen Serafino!

Men'S Hair Trends

Check out men’s hair and grooming trends by celebrity hairstylist Kristen Serafino!

what does it have: [Image #1] Maluma is a symbol of the fire within Aries! Combining your hair gives you the option of creating a subtle change or a bold daring style. Serafino Pro Tip says: When bleaching hair, be sure to use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners to keep hair healthy!

[Image #2] A warrior in his craft, Richard Gere is the ultimate silver fox! Embrace your gray hair! It symbolizes the knowledge that you have acquired. Serafino Pro Tip says: To add shine to gray hair, use a high-shine finish paste or pomade.

[Image #3] Manhood at its peak! With the confidence of an Aries, it’s only fitting that Idris Elba embraces the natural colors of his beard! Serafino Pro Tip says: Use a beard brush to keep your beard sharp while keeping the bearders in place.

beauty and makeup

ENTERTAINMENT and follow Hollywood makeup artist Lizzie Polanco.

what does it have: Step into Aries season by donning this fiery sign with a bold, confident look. Make a statement with graphic liner, a red lip or jewel tone shadow to dive into this bold gesture.

It'S Aries Season! The Fire Sign'S Fashion, Finance, And More Trends For 2022
See Aries’s Beauty Trends by Hollywood Makeup Artist Lizzy Polanco @Lizzy_Lawless
Lizzie Polanco

Finance and Cryptocurrency

Follow cryptocurrency investor, Amanda Maxwell.

Amanda Maxwell Nft
Amanda Maxwell explores NFTs.

what does it have: As Aries season is upon us, new beginnings and change seem imminent. You’re probably going to have a hard time not hearing about NFTs wherever you go. Bored ape Yacht Club just bought Cryptopunks, Mark Zuckerberg finally confirmed that NFTs are coming to Instagram, and even American Express has filed for some trademarks that indicate they are NFTs. Including many are funding the crypto space.

Crypto and the metaverse come with a lot of opportunities, however with this great opportunity also comes a lot of risk – in particular, scams. NFT and cryptocurrency scams are everywhere, so it is very important to do your due diligence and research for each project before deciding to get involved. Some of the best outlets for new NFT projects that can help you identify legitimacy and get started on the right track are nftnow and nftevening.

This is a very special time to jump in and find the pieces that grab your attention. Collecting NFTs is considered collecting art; This is what speaks to your nature, so go ahead with the change of seasons in Aries, think bold, be confident and invest in what you believe in this month.

Special Tip: Consider Music NFTs as they have achieved some of the fastest returns currently! This can be a great piece to flip over for a long-term collection or for a quick business.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. Please do your own research before investing.

Enjoy the passion of Aries! You heard it here first.

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