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It’s Justice, Stupidity: The Real Reason Christina Kirchner Expected a Big Win from Lula Da Silva

It's Justice, Stupidity: The Real Reason Christina Kirchner Expected a Big Win from Lula Da Silva

Neither ideology nor nostalgia for a progressive “great country”. The Vice President demanded a measure of tolerance and forgetfulness to the serious allegations of corruption against the candidate. The election results showed the opposite.

A paralyzing bucket of ice water fell from Brazil this Sunday Christina KirchnerExtinguish the fire that both he and his followers are feeding n off the record: that the expected—and long predicted—of a landslide victory lula da silva This will happen in the presidential election A clear and decisive political backing of Vice, and a potential kilometer void for his race towards Casa Rosada.

Unexpected election results stoked the fire that would be sought to be revived if the PT’s founders eventually win in the second round, scheduled for 30 October. But she hides political calculations very deep reason and need For those pictured at Christina’s sand table: the seriousness of their judicial frontAnd the definite possibility of being convicted for the first time for corruption before the end of the year.

The K operation to follow Lula’s anointing as president in the first round advanced with the same broad-brush subtlety as usual at the Patria Institute: apart from the public statements, tweets and interviews in which that success was as certain as its own. was presented as, another indication of the capital importance of the case to the Vice President may be verified in huge cover That the media accustomed to Christina gave a “historic election in Brazil” with half a dozen special envoys in the case of the cable channel, and the excitement of interpretations and celebratory lessons regarding the imminent return of Brazil to the select “Patria Grande” Latin American. The Left and its anticipated meaning of a replica in our country.

Of course, this suggestive proposal eliminates the fact that Kirchnerism in Argentina has already been in government for three years, headed by the Minister of Economy. a major adjustment of public accounts While inflation has climbed to unknown levels over the past three decades, reaching 9% of the population in poverty, Overcoming the already terrible scars left by Mauricio Macri’s government.

But that mismatch – a minor detail in Kirchnerism’s difficult dialectical contradictions – hides the real reason why the vice president waited so eagerly for a resounding victory for Lula in Brazil, not out of an ideological harmony or the prospect of reconstruction. passes. A map of self-perceived progressive governments that coincided in regional power during the first decade of this century. a young man bill clinton He will write the answer on his whiteboard: This is justice, fool.

Christina waits for elections in Brazil to measure tolerance and forgetfulness in relation to the neighboring country The complex and cumbersome structure of corruption Lula led from the top of the government to one of the country’s most powerful businessmen, along with his mentor and later hero. Marcelo OdebrechtThe owner of the construction giant that bore his last name.

Unveiled during the so-called Lava Jato operation, the ins and outs of that plan were detailed by 138 remorseful former executives and businessmen, during a mega criminal investigation that has allowed recovery of more than $1,500 million so far and whose influence ends, among others, with Former presidents Lula and Michelle Temer were detained. The system of structural corruption – which had a judicial future Twists, Contradictions and Crossed Condemnation– surpassed Odebrecht and Lula, but both were mutually exclusive heroes.

Just two names and some data allow us to understand the degree of commitment of the current candidate with that organization, and why. A particularly dark ghost for Christina, Among the main politicians imprisoned in Brazil, crushed by the evidence and evidence against them, was the extremely powerful head of Lula’s cabinet, Jose Dirsuand his economy minister, Antonio Palocki, identified as “Italian” by merchants who bribed and sided with him. Palocci acknowledged this as an apology, providing more details. influential PT senator Delcidio Amaral personally met Lula. implicated in those scams.

The former president and winner of the first election round was arrested for one of the reasons linked to Lava Jato, according to which he obtained personal benefits from another company, the OAS Construction Company. brazilian court Supported both investigation and arrest in 2018, but same court then he revoked his decision Question on jurisdiction of former judge sergio moro To prosecute crimes outside the state of Minas Gerais. the country’s president was already Jair BolsonaroAnd the controversies of the case had deposited him away from the courts for the convenience of politics, ideology and the Brazilian establishment, leaving the scandal behind, as well as the eccentricities and excesses of the new. Tenants of the Palace of the Plateau.

That’s what drift excites Christina Kirchner. That corruption is a corrupted detail in the great painting of politics. In truth, his goal was and still continues to be more ambitious: there was no corruption here, only by law and harassment of the media and macros. A very difficult pill to swallow in light of the evidence circulated in the dozens of cases processed at Comodoro Pye.

Surrendering to the evidence, Lula himself admitted in the final stages of his campaign that there was corruption in his government. An uneasy message for Christina, who hopes for worse: more abstinence before the unexpected result on Sunday—more than 30 million voters—the old leader of PT. Will be bound to deepen criticism of Argentina and its government, with whom his opponent Bolsonaro is ruthless and does not do bad. The golden mirror of Venezuela, Bolivia and the Bolivarian axis, in front of which Kirchnerism happily flourishes, is now a frightening image for Lula da Silva, for whom a mere picture with Cristina can turn into a nightmare. For him, that nightmare has already begun.

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