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Junts and ERC fight for leadership in independence

This Monday Catalonia hosted one Day The investiture negotiations were marked and the sovereigntist parties fighting in the night to lead an independence movement did not miss the opportunity to raise their demands, which will be implemented the adoption of an amnesty law and the right to self-determination. Thus, Junts made it clear that “she will not renounce anything,” not even unilateralism, and called on the incumbent government to “pay in advance” to allow an investiture of Pedro Sánchez; while the Catalan president, Republican Pere Aragonès, has warned that an amnesty is the “first step” towards a referendum.

During the day, numerous events for and against independence took place The most massive was the one called by the Catalan National Assembly (ANC). this Monday afternoon. According to the Barcelona Municipal Guard, a total of around 115,000 people took part, a far cry from the appeal of a decade ago (when the march brought together more than a million people) and 35,000 fewer than a year ago. The organization, for its part, increases the number to 800,000 participants.

The two most important sovereignist formations have come together there This time representatives of the ERC were present after Republicans withdrew from the call last year to avoid boos for their pacts with the central executive branch.

At the time, the independence movement was deeply divided and the government was on the verge of collapse (which happened just a month later). A year later, the relationship between Junts and ERC has not improved, in addition to the movement’s electoral decline in local and parliamentary elections and the Support for independence at historic low.

Despite this and with the most radical sovereignty against any kind of pact with the executive, Both parties are trying to project an image of unity in the face of the investiture negotiations.. Both ERC and Junts agree that the goal is self-determination and amnesty is just a procedure for it. However, accusations of wanting to take over the leadership of the independence movement remain between both forces, which was reflected this Monday in the statements of their main leaders.

Junts asks for amnesty “in advance”.

“Abandoning unilateralism would mean abandoning the nation,” Junts Secretary General Jordi Turull said in statements to the press after the traditional flower donation at the Rafael Casanova monument in Barcelona, ​​​​from where he made a donation made Call “not to fall into naivety when negotiating”. “Everything” with the state. In addition, he has made it clear that any agreement with the state should be “verifiable” and that the central government must “pay in advance.”

In the same vein, the leader of the party, Laura Borràs, has stated that citizens are demanding “not investiture” but “independence” and has warned against this His party’s votes would be used “to resolve the conflict.”, not to “support the Spanish governments”. Borràs has insisted that Junts will work “within the framework he has set” and that a possible inauguration requires “a historic agreement”, while denying that his party has “a new strategy” towards the government.

These words come after former President Carles Puigdemont set the conditions for starting negotiations on a possible investiture of Pedro Sánchez: an amnesty law and the recognition of “democratic legitimacy” the independence movement.

Puigdemont himself called for this in an audio broadcast on the occasion of the Diada “reclaiming the nation” beyond independence: “This is what the Catalans defended in 1714,” while describing the constitutional parties as “contemporary Bourbon armies.” And he warned that independence would not come from the hands of “politicians” but from “the streets”: “We will make the country tremble by wanting independence. Only with an earthquake will we reach them,” he added.

Aragonès, to the state institutions: “Catalonia will decide its future”

For his part, Aragonès has communicated this to the Moncloa and the Zarzuela, but also to the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court Amnesty is the “first step” to pave the way for a referendum: “Catalonia will be free to decide its future.” “The amnesty is not and will not be the end of anything. The amnesty is a necessary and essential step, the first step to pave the way, because Catalonia must and will freely decide on its future in a referendum. We defend them in the streets, in the institutions and in the negotiations,” he warned.

The Deputy Secretary General and Spokesperson of ERCMarta Vilalta, has called for the “coordination” of the independence forces and claimed that this day is an “opportunity” to reaffirm independence “Bet” on dialogue and negotiation. In the morning, on RNE, He stressed that the amnesty was compatible with the constitution and essential for a possible inauguration of Pedro Sánchez. “Things have happened that seemed impossible, such as pardons or the abolition of the crime of sedition. Amnesty is possible if there is political will, but not only.” The amnesty serves to reset the counter to zero and to be able to continue to talk about referendums and self-determination at the negotiating table.

The ERC delegation was greeted at the morning event with whistles and shouts of “Botifler” and “Get out” from people who came to receive the award, although there was also applause. In the meantime, posters with slogans such as “Politicians do, judges undo,” “Government resign,” “Independence or resign,” etc. were put up in the afternoon “Aragonese doesn’t do anything”which corresponds to the ANC’s criticism of the Republicans’ negotiating strategy.

Regarding independence, the speaker continued CUP In Parliament, Eulàlia Reguant warned that “an amnesty without self-determination will never be an amnesty” and decided to stop “begging in Congress and the Senate”.

Illa (PSC): “Catalonia must recognize its plurality and look forward”

The first secretary of the PSC and leader of the opposition in the Catalan Parliament, Salvador Illabelieves that this Diada should serve to ensure that Catalonia “affirms its will to be together and live together, recognizes its plurality and looks forward to winning a future full of possibilities”.

Accompanied by other socialist leaders such as the Minister of Transport Raquel Sánchez, the mayor of Barcelona, ​​​​Jaume Collboni, the president of the Provincial Council of Barcelona, ​​​​Lluïsa Moret, or the government delegate in Catalonia, Carlos Prieto, the leader of the PSC has the emphasized “Four directions” his training to negotiate an investiture: “Patience, discretion, prudence and constitution.”

The incumbent government president, for his part, Pedro SanchezHe declared this Monday that Catalonia “has opened a new path of progress, understanding and coexistence. It’s time to look to the future and keep moving forward,” he wrote in a message on Twitter wishing “Bona Diada!” to all Catalans.

The President of En Comú Podemos in Parliament, Jessica Albiach, after taking part in the offer, stressed that this year’s September 11 represents a “turning point” for a “new beginning” in Catalonia through an amnesty, making it clear that there are only two possible options: further progress on rights and freedoms through “a progressive and plurinational majority in the state” or “go backwards and give the extreme right a new chance” and the PP of Alberto Núñez Feijóo. In his opinion, an amnesty would “enable a new beginning for Catalonia.”

And in an interview on TVE the negotiator Summer For the investiture, he sent a message to Aragonès, who called for a referendum this Sunday in addition to the amnesty. In this sense, he has asked not to confuse it “with partisan political tactics” because he believes that “The debate should focus on amnesty“which he considers possible but makes it difficult to move forward within the deadlines that the ‘former president’ Carles Puigdemont is considering. “It will be time to open other folders,” he assured.

The PP is launching an offensive in the judiciary and parliaments

The PP, for its part, did not participate in the flower donation, although its national leader, Alberto Núñez FeijóoHe congratulated the Diada on Twitter, declaring: “It is the day of coexistence, respect and equality in a prosperous Catalonia.” “Today we celebrate the Diada, the day of Catalonia, a country that has always contributed to the enrichment of our country “, he explained in his message, which ends with a congratulation in Catalan: “Bona Diada a tothom!”

Then, before the executive board of the PP, he called on the leaders of his party to launch an offensive in all parliaments and assemblies to present the PSOE and the “independence challenge” and the amnesty. And also in justice. The deputy organizing secretary of the PP, Miguel Tellado, also warned Sánchez about this The independence movement “never has enough” and has stressed that “they will not stop” until they end the territorial model.

Meanwhile, the Secretary General of VoxIgnacio Garriga, assured that the possibility of an amnesty by law to sovereign Catalan politicians “The Spanish people will remain on the streetshow he stopped the coup,” alluding to the events of October 2017.

The ANC and Òmnium call for seizing the opportunity

ANC President Dolors Feliu has alleged this to ERC and JxCat do not support investiture “if it does not clearly serve to achieve independence”.“And he said he wasn’t “afraid of the blockade.” “We cannot be deceived and there must be no negotiation in which it is not clear that the independence of Catalonia is at stake,” he stressed, calling for “the conclusion to take to the streets” so that all those who support can demonstrate independence: “It’s time,” he remarked.

For his part, the president of Òmnium Cultural, Xavier Antich, has called for the political parties are “current”: “Amnesty is not an option, but a necessity,” he stated. Antich added that the amnesty is “not an end point” but rather “the beginning of the resolution of the conflict” and “a self-improvement of the state”, and that he therefore believes that the independence movement “has a chance to do so.” Find ways to solve it.

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