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Know Who’s Behind “Your Korean Friend”

His face full of sympathy and a wide smile has become very familiar on social networks. Some 104,000 followers on Instagram and over 155,000 followers on Tik Tok, apparently, have been fascinated by the videos he posted “Your Korean Friend”As known through the network.

from South Korea, jihyun park He was taken captive by Puerto Rico and its people upon arrival on the island five years earlier, when he, after studying accounting in the United States at the time, moved to Utuado, where he had an ex-girlfriend.

since, Puerto Rico has been a place that has welcomed him, which he loves and from where he devotes himself to working as a certified teacher to teach Korean, a task he greatly enjoys. Is. From north to south, east to west, he has traveled the island teaching, although after the pandemic, he has confined himself to virtually offering his classes.

“First of all, I have students whom I teach Korean and I can’t leave them because it’s my responsibility. Second, I love Puerto Rico, it’s where I have peace of mind, so I like cosmopolitan. prefers to live in the northern area rather than the area, because there are fewer people, fewer plugs, more peace of mind, beaches, mountains, lots of nature… He prefers the metropolitan area for the night,” says this gentleman Whose age he still prefers not to reveal and which remains a constant question among his followers, told El Nuevo Día. Maybe he’s in his early thirties, dare we say, but he’ll say so when he says it.

In less than a year, they have used their platforms to inspire, clarifying questions about where they come from, what they eat, why they don’t use their real names. , they love to taste and showcase their culinary skills, as well as hammocks and many other things to come from visiting beautiful places in Puerto Rico.

This social media personality records her videos with the help of a colleague, who is in charge of editing them and is an important part of creating her content on her platform. Today she made her first appearance on television in the program “Diya E Diya”. telemundoWhere she also got a flower arrangement of red roses, which came from one of her followers on the channel.

“I started making myself known last November. It’s been about eight or nine months. I never thought people would like my videos and things like that, but I started because two or three There were friends asking me to try it out to see if people liked my videos. I created them and people like them, so I keep creating them, and that’s how we started our ‘Your Korean Friend’ account,” explained Park, who opted for that username because his real name is usually the address. It is not easy to install.

He says he is a lover of can-can chops and cake, while preferring to stay away from the eternal dilemma of whether they should be eaten with or without ketchup. Similarly, he highlights places such as La Cueva del Indio in Arecibo, and the El Yunque National Forest in the Rio Grande, as his favourites.

Through his platform, he has been able to inspire other people from various aspects, with his positive attitude as well as his decision to lose weight. And it is that the pandemic also wreaked havoc with this Korean based in Puerto Rico, whose parents live in South Korea, as the uncertainty led him to gain weight.

“I was fat and I don’t know if you’ve seen my brother’s picture. Genetically we have blood, you know, we’re weak because we’re chubby. When the pandemic struck, a lot of people were under stress. I had my own business and everything was closed, and then it gave me a lot of stress, a lot of fear of the future. I feel much better now, not only because someone looks better after losing weight, not in that sense, but because I feel much healthier, lighter”, also explained the football player, a sport that He practices as one of his hobbies.

Since November last year, with his fun and special way of being, he has earned the affection and respect of Puerto Ricans and other followers in the United States and Latin America. He is slowly breaking away from the shame he had with him since childhood, when he was also a victim of “bullying”.

“When I was a little boy I was the victim of ‘bullying’ and I always behaved like a very shy child. But, when I arrived in Puerto Rico, my work teaching Korean and interacting with my students took a toll on me. helped me a lot to break my limits. I was setting myself a limit of ‘you can’t do this because you’re shy or because you’re fat’, something like that. He said, ‘My work helped me a lot, my students supported me, so did the people.’

Although he may be considered an ‘influencer’ due to the number of followers and although he indicates that there are people who have asked him to visit his location to promote it on his network, Jihyun clarifies that He doesn’t charge any amount to travel and support the little ones. local business.

“I do this to support them and they can continue to improve themselves in life. Not to take money from them, but to support them”, He indicated at the same time that he said that he was planning to do some kind of chinchorio to meet his followers.

Similarly, he revealed that in his future plans he aims to build a business with a ‘Foodtruck’-like concept where he can showcase culinary arts inspired by Korean gastronomy, including confectionery.

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