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Learn how the mysterious Mew works in Pokemon Unite

Pokémon UNITE Mew

pokemon unite is still celebrating its anniversary, and as part of that, it’s letting us get its newest member, Mew, for free. who has come to win this title because of its great power and its unique mechanics change your moves during battle, Better adaptation to the situation. Review with us what Mew can do in this MOBA, available on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

Mew moves in Pokémon Unite

cat quoteThe most famous legendary Pokémon in the franchise, Pokémon Unite, has arrived, and it’s proving who the boss is. this pokemon special category comes like new aggressive pokemon, However, focusing on dealing damage to its rivals support mechanics The most interesting thing is that we will see him act as an assistant on some occasion. But there isn’t only something remarkable about this mysterious creature: Mew has 6 main moves 4 instead, which we can change after being selected during the game, thanks to its passive ability, as we’ll explain below.

they are basic attack It is long-range, and is amplified as a charged attack after receiving three boost counters, which are achieved after making a move. East strong attack Fires a ball of psychic energy at his opponent, inflicting more damage the higher he travels. their Qualification, synchronization, performs a dual function. On the one hand, after using a skill, The speed of Mew and nearby allies is increased temporarily. On the other hand, level 5. From Allows Mew to reset its active moves, this effect has a recharge time, which is reduced when you manage to defeat an opponent, an assist or a goal. In addition, it also slightly reduces the recharge time of the Unite Move.

Movement 1

  • Volt Ball: Throws a lightning ball that damages enemies in an area and temporarily paralyzes them. HP opponents have less damage. When upgraded to level 10, the paralysis effect is greater.
  • Solar Rays: emits a beam of light that damages its entire path. In addition, if he hits an opponent he gets an extra boost counter. When upgraded to level 10, the cooldown of the move is reduced by one second for each opponent hit.
  • surf: Mew surfs on a wave, gains a shield and becomes invincible while on the way and off the wave. Opponents hit by the wave are pushed back and temporarily disabled. When upgraded to level 11, the shield is enhanced.

movement 2

  • Inspiration: Walks next to an ally, grants them a shield, increases their attack speed, and gives them a temporarily “inspired” effect. Use This Trick on Pokémon Without Position Inspired This trick recharges instantly, as well as slightly reducing the Volt Ball, Solar Beam, and Surf. When upgraded to level 12, the cooldown and effect duration of this move is reduced Inspired,
  • Light Display: Creates a transparent wall that blocks opponents from passing and increases the damage, range, area, and effect of Mew’s Volt Ball, Solar Beam or Surf when passing through. If used again, the barrier will follow and partially cover Mew, reducing damage from enemy attacks. When upgraded to level 12, the wall size is bigger.
  • Agility: Glides in the targeted direction and temporarily increases Mew’s speed. This movement can accumulate a maximum of two uses. When upgrading to level 12, the distance covered is greater.

In addition to these moves, they also have joint movement, Mewstick Mirage, upon reaching level 9. Mew soars in the air, becomes invincible and ally in the sphere of influence and make himself invisible, After a time, deals damage to enemies in the area.

What do you think Maeve? And his interesting abilities?

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