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Let each one do what suits them, encourage, inspire and show that it can be done

The debate at the Sixth Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party on Tuesday was wide-ranging, intense and complex. Confronting these analyzes, “with a shirt on”, as a good Cuban would say, and touching on the main issues that currently concern the Cuban people, the First Secretary of the Central Committee and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz -Cannell, stressed the need to “move from speech to action.”

It is a challenge that, he believed, “demands participation, integrity and agility, each doing what suits him, to encourage, inspire and demonstrate that it is possible.”

At the end of his hour-long speech, he assured, “Let us effectively implement everything that has been proposed in this plenary session and we are going to win.” To move forward in better welfare of the nation and consequently of our people.

The road – acknowledged the head of state – “is full of challenges and adversities that we are bound to face and overcome, with a spirit of victory, with effort and ingenuity, with determination, with unity , and above all with creativity; the point is not just resisting, the point is resisting and creating at the same time”.

Hence his views on the importance of the analysis that this Sixth Plenum carried out on “important issues as to the condition of compliance with the economic and social policy guidelines of the Party and the Revolution”, in an extraordinary complex that has been worsening in recent times , “degradation of infrastructure, causes deficiencies, deficiencies and social degradation.”

In recent months – he said – the situation has become a tad more complicated, especially due to problems with power generation and fuel shortages, and “as political leaders and public servants, we cannot rest until Until we overcome this wear and tear.”

He then spoke of the states of public opinion which reflected dissatisfaction “with what we do and what we do, with the measures and the manner of their implementation.”

Therefore, it is a great challenge before all of us as a party and a government to urgently work with the broad and demanding political assurance from the party to come out of the complex economic and social situation that the country is facing. Orientate, which inspires people’s understanding and participation; strengthen unity; raise hope; causes reform in the functioning of the National Assembly of People’s Power; and promoting an agile and effective management of government from the local level to the nation, he indicated.

Work Preferences

Faced with the challenging circumstances that define action in the country today, the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party recognized that there are five task priorities: economic development; social care; institutional strength; Work with activists, and ideological strength”.

With regard to economic development, in war he meant, “that we have to bet on the national security of the country at this time, because it has a direct impact on the social and ideological fronts.”

We have not been passive, nor crossed our arms; We have approved and implemented many measures, actions, the question is how rigid have we been in their political and administrative assurances, in their consent, without ignoring that in order to initiate many of these measures, in To move forward, to be able to implement, regulate and even gradually implement and expand them, most require foreign exchange components which we do not have, he said.

As part of these actions to be taken at all levels, he mentioned the most recent visit to the country, with which he sought to “encourage from the idea and from the capabilities of each region, that a Strategy to be presented.The year will be better, based on its endogenous components, its strengths, capabilities, objectives and plans.

It was a “comprehensive, inclusive planning exercise, consulting talent from each sector”, that now leads us to continue to validate, build consensus that allows us to appreciate and examine what worked Has gone. “It is part of our concept of advancing, resisting and defeating the blockade, with our own efforts, with all the possibilities that we have to use as a country, but it starts from the regional level, from the level of life. people to improve quality”.

“It has been a critical and self-critical process, without complacency and meetings have been strong meetings of dissent like the debates in this plenary session.”

However, “in all provinces we have appreciated progress and favorable results, compared with the month of January as a starting point, in a discrete set of indicators, and in many better positions than the same period in 2022, but this without decency,” he said.

“We are neither satisfied, nor do we believe that it is sufficient until these results are expressed in a clear improvement in the quality of life of our people, in greater food production, lower inflation, higher quality of services are, just to mention a few lines that we are evaluating”, he insisted.

He then commented on the very good examples that can be seen in many parts of the country, confirming that it is possible to achieve better results. In these instances, he insisted, “We have seen the management ability of the producers and managers; Willpower and perseverance should not be crushed by circumstances; those who have been willing to overcome adversity and have succeeded; And we have seen the utilization of existing capabilities”.

He insisted that these people are “blocked like everyone else and have achieved these results in the same situations where others have not progressed. They are the ones challenging the blockade; those doing constructive resistance; Should be, not those who remain complacent, stagnant without facing each of the problems with intelligence.

hit the block without lifting it

The President also commented on the effort, commitment, encouragement and will to get out of this difficult situation, emphasizing once again that we all are called to “beat the blockade without lifting it”; And to pull it off from the local level, as we are demanding, it takes perseverance, work, dedication, a sense of belonging, not of some, but of all.

His emphasis is therefore on the need to take advantage of the potential in regions to produce their own food, and continues to promote municipal autonomy, where each municipality produces what it needs in terms of food.

Other analyzes made such as the problem of idle land; losses in contracting productions; the urgent need to strengthen the state company from production; Also, the President spoke strongly to resolve the excessive chain of middlemen in the marketing of food, which is affecting the formation of high prices.

All this work process, he affirmed, we are doing jointly between the party and the government: the government for direct responsibility in administrative, economic and productive processes throughout the country, and the party underpinning this process by monitoring and political assurance. It has as one of its main missions the fight for economic development.

Specifically on the responsibility of the party, he emphasized the role that militants in all structures play in order to fulfill commitments. “We are mobilizing from all levels the vanguard army that constitutes our insurgency.”

transformative vision

Referring to the priorities of the economy, he specified that a bunch of aspects are being worked on, highlighting a comprehensive economic stabilization program and promotion of local food production and marketing.

Joint; generality; systematicity to follow the implementation of measures; Solving the most immediate problems with a transformative vision were some of the concepts that the President emphasized to immediately solve the current problems in the society.

“We are in a fight against time, it is not one to wait, it is a daily fight and with the political will to make a complete decision,” he reflected.

Regarding the direction of social care work, he explained that the first thing to keep in mind is that “severe economic difficulties cannot motivate us to accommodate ourselves, nor do they become a reason for every need for care”. possible justification for not trying. One of the main social victories of the revolution. The people will not forgive us.”

He acknowledged, “There are many things that pass not from material issues, but from human will.”

Promote social work aimed at families and people in vulnerable situations, with a concept not of welfare, but of social transformation; to implement the youth care policy, an area that should be treated differently; The President also remarked on fighting a strong fight against corruption, crime and social indiscipline.

Regarding the direction in line with the institutional strengthening, he said that this is something that should be done at the level of the party, the people, and the government, because the performance of each of them defines the tasks of the revolution.

Each of those essential concepts must be fostered, he stressed, that the center of the party is a space that is distinguished by deep, critical, intelligent, committed and contributing analysis, that projects solutions, that demands workers’ participation. does what matters most and fosters trust, change, improvement, improvement, growth and credibility in all that we do; Reforms in municipalities of structures, cadres and functioning should be a day-to-day priority; The National Assembly representatives of the People’s Power maintain a permanent link with the base, which will make it possible to bring issues of the popular agenda into their work agenda, and that the government reform governance, with a work system that responds To eliminate the stagnation and mistrust in the country’s priorities and strategies and the population in the issues affecting the people the most.

Diaz-Canel also mentioned work with cadres, as part of which special attention should be paid to their selection and completion, defining a clear strategy to achieve this.

In his speech, he also reflected on ideological consolidation, which was summed up in a few words, he explained, “a program against cultural colonization that they want to impose on us with political-ideological subversion.”

President Diaz-Canel stressed the importance of demonstrating the real impact that the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States Government has had on our society.

He then recounted the difficult moments of the confrontation with COVID-19, in which “the North American administration was brutally merciless with this city,” referring to everything they did to stop oxygen, vaccines and needed lung ventilators. said while doing

“So they were wicked, cruel, genocidal … and they are most to blame for the things that happen to us, because they have been merciless with this revolution and this people.” That’s the enemy we have, the President declared.

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