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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Letters: Positive Change Has Been Due To Pandemic Chaos

Lessons learned

Before we savor the joy at the end of 2021, let’s pause and reflect on the moment we celebrate the holidays.

Looking back over the past two years, we have experienced pandemic, fear, hatred, violence and suffering around the world. We found ourselves in social darkness, separated from friends, family and other people close to us, and we could not get together, hug and share things.

But some positive results were achieved when we adjusted our habits and realized what was really a priority for us.

Halfway through the initial shock of death and illness, we learned how fragile everything is and how important our love for family, friends, and these special relationships in our lives is. We were forced to change the established standards of work in the office, group attendance of classes, purchases at will. We adapted and got used to wearing masks and became artistic in their designs. We’ve added new vocabulary; Covid, variants, omicron, isolation, social distancing, etc.

At the end of Phases 1 and 2, we readily recognized, accepted, and adapted to changes such as working efficiently from home, attending virtual classrooms, shopping for food and essentials online, breakthroughs in virology, and virtual doctor visits.

My point is that in this chaos, there have been positive changes in our daily lives that will help us meet and overcome any challenges that come our way.

Keith Hoffmann, Afton

Melting by Robert E. Lee

It was gratifying to know that the giant statue of Robert Lee that once stood in Charlottesville, Virginia, will be melted down and transformed into something better. Lee was a traitor who broke an oath he made when he became an officer in the US Army. It was then that he pledged to bear sincere faith and loyalty to the United States, and to support and defend its Constitution from all enemies, external and internal. The personality cult that developed around Lee was unsuccessful and led to confusion over the fact that the civil war was instigated by the southern states in order to preserve slavery.

Perhaps some future generation will likewise decide to melt and make better use of any giant statues of our former president, who instigated the January 6, 2020 riot that was intended to cancel a fair and lawful presidential election and topple our government.

M.L. Clujnik, Mendota Heights

‘Follow Science’

More recently, the term “follow science” has been used for the listening audience, meaning that if they want to know the truth, science will provide the answers. However, this term, for some reason, does not refer to the unborn. That life begins at the moment of conception is no longer a purely religious argument, but rather a scientific fact. This life within you is a person, a baby, your son or your daughter. You are a mother. So for their sake and for yourself, please follow the science.

Mark McCoy, Inver Grove Heights

Separate couple

I heard in the news this week that OJ Simpson’s monthly NFL retirement income of $ 25,000 is protected by law and cannot be affected. I thought that a woman’s right to her own body and abortion is protected by law … and we are all protected from unjustified arrest, search, confiscation of property, extrajudicial punishment and death at the hands of the police.

When the large segment of the banking and investment industry responsible for the crimes that led to the crash in 2008 was still receiving their bonuses and no consequences, it became apparent that the legal system protects the rich by robbing the poor.

Truth and law seem to be a scattered couple in an ongoing battle: Truth is free, and the law goes to whoever pays the most.

John Crivits, St. Paul

What Political Leaders Should Avoid

Recent weeks have made it clear to Americans what political leaders should not do. One was President Biden’s immediate condemnation of Kyle Rittenhouse the day after the Kenosha incident, to the extent that he branded him as a white supremacist with no evidence to back up the accusation. Then others, including Vice President Harris, jumped to victory over the verdict, having previously convicted the accused. But after seeing days of real evidence, a jury of 12 men and women found Rittenhouse innocent of all charges.

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Second, Biden, Harris, Chicago Mayor Lightfoot, Revs. Sharpton and Jackson defended Jussie Smollett, declaring his incident to be nothing more than “modern lynching,” according to Harris. Again, they anticipated the case by labeling the fabricated attackers as MAGA swindlers, homophobic white supremacists. Again, a jury of 12 men and women saw real evidence, finding Smollett guilty on five counts of organizing a racist assault on gay men, lying to the police, and faking the entire incident in a ludicrous attempt to become famous for his marginal actions. career.

Politicians listen. Leaders who were prejudiced against these nationally covered events should not only be embarrassed but also apologize for their totally biased, biased and imprecise political agenda. Rather than publicly judging people before their due process of law, perhaps they should let our judicial system be what it should be: a real judge and jury.

Barry Scholetz, Kettle River

Patriots among us

A patriot is defined as a person who loves his country and jealously supports its authority and interests. In this time of guerrilla divisions following the 2020 elections, we experienced frightening events that threatened the foundations of our democracy, culminating in the January 6 attack, which attempted to halt the vote count and refute the election results that proved time and time again , in dozens of court cases, in fruitless attacks by legislators in dozens of states to be completely fair, and attempts to disrupt the vote are completely unfounded.

One of the mainstays of our system of free and fair elections were the volunteers, clerks and officials who staffed the polling stations and devoted their often unpaid time to the people who spend long hours at the polling stations to ensure the integrity of our electoral process. …

Unfortunately, across the country, many of these people were verbally attacked or worse, and they and their families were threatened with violence. Usually these threats come from cowards who hide behind the dark veil of social media because they know they can’t stand sunlight.

As a result, many electoral officials, both voluntary and paid, elected and appointed, indicated that they had had enough and declared that they would no longer tolerate, or asked their families to suffer, persecution or attacks against them. inviolability. We live in a time when these disinterested men and women, these people who believe in fair elections, are needed more than ever.

My wife worked as an electoral judge for over two decades; she looks forward to the upcoming elections and plans to return to polling stations to do what she and other people who “work with polls” have done since the founding of this country – to ensure fair voting, to help voters who need it … help, impartially carry out procedures on this important day. For me, this personifies the meaning of democracy. These people are real patriots. I welcome them.

Alan Miller, Egan

I will assign her anyway

I was literally about to nominate my Irish American friend, former designer and friend Etna (McKiernan) for the 2022 Irish Echo Arts & Culture Award, but with tears in my eyes I discovered the news of her passing at The St. Paul Pioneer Press.

I will still nominate her, hoping that the award will be an exception and will honor such a wonderful poet and person posthumously.

Patrick Michael Redmond, Saint Paul

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