More problems for Formula 1: the inconvenience that threatens the Canadian Grand Prix

More problems for Formula 1: the inconvenience that threatens the Canadian Grand Prix

three weeks ago Formula 1 He had to make one of the most important decisions of the season, which was the suspension of the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix after some dramatic flooding in the area affected areas around the circuit. However, now, the Canadian GP could continue on the same track due to the weather conditions affecting the country and not being favorable at all.

The North American country where a new appointment of the Great Circus will be held is under threat due to wildfires that have affected the city of Quebec, including – to a lesser extent – the city of Montreal and the Gilles Villeneuve circuit. In this sense, Formula 1 He begins to take notes on the matter in order to best deal with the situation and is thus able to analyze the future of the Canadian GP.

More problems for Formula 1: the inconvenience that threatens the Canadian Grand Prix
113 out of 152 wildfires can no longer be controlled

Although the fire has not yet reached the city of Montreal, it is true that the air quality affected is becoming increasingly polluted and will have serious consequences for the environment, putting the ninth round of the World Championship at risk. According to experts living near the area, they reported that the population consumes an amount of harmful substances per day that is equivalent to the consumption of six cigarettes, leading the authorities to classify it as “high risk” and recommend that they should not do so. Leave your homes or spend a lot of time outside.

It is striking that less than a month has passed since the suspension of the competition in Italy due to floods, now it is the heat that affects the receipt of a new Grand Prix. Formula 1, In the province of Quebec, under Montreal, official sources said they currently have a total of 154 active fires that are difficult to extinguish, with hundreds of firefighters working.

no resolution

Great Circus officials have not yet issued an official statement on the current situation in Canada, but everything indicates that the large number of fire sources present in the province of Quebec may increase with the passage of days for the city of Montreal and Gilles. Villeneuve could reach the circuit.

Although the appointment is due from June 16 Formula 1 They will wait until the very last moment to make a final decision regarding your celebration. So, it remains to be seen whether the current situation is really worrying for the organizers or they are not hopeful that it can be carried out. In this sense, he will have a week and a half to analyze the context and define whether the race should continue on its course.






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