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Mourinho could be in Madrid in the next few hours

Santiago Mourinho could become an Atlético de Madrid footballer in the next few hours. What’s more, as they say in his country, this Wednesday he will be in Madrid to undergo a medical examination. Washington Lizandro, President of the Racing Club of Montevideo, confirms the progress in the negotiations going on for three weeks in AS, “The Atletico thing is much more than interest. There were many interested teams, but this is the one that is closest and the clubs are defining it at the moment (…) Atlético is close and Mourinho is going to Europe Because here we are in the middle of the season before a break, but it is important for Atletico to have him for next season. With his arrival in Madrid, a possible percentage of future sales for his parent club will also be discussed.

And, if it may be unknown to the great European public, Mourinho one of the greats of South American football, At the age of 21, he has established himself in the top division He stands out for his physical strength (he measures 1.86), ability to win doubles, pace and a good ball production. Atlético wanted to overtake the main European rivals and have a number of assets. The main one, the connection with the Uruguayan footballer who made such a deep impression wearing the Rosablanca. Diego Godin, Diego Forlán, Luis Suárez or José María Jiménez have marked before and afters at Mattress Club, In the case of the latter, his inclusion in the summer of 2013 occurred in a similar scenario, having already signed one of the all-timers after ten seasons of standing out in the Danube and wearing the Atlético shirt. Commander and Captain Jimenez.

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Along with Neuhuen Pérez, a central defender with a great future was signed from Argentina, although in the end he did not make his debut as a mattress player and entered the operation that brought Nahuel Molina to Atlético last summer. You have to go step by step with Mourinho. First get your pass then analyze your future, A loan or see him in the precinct. Atlético de San Luis, an affiliate in Mexico, has already applied for a loan. There is no doubt that the Uruguayan has the urge to play at the highest level and more to do so. The country of Uruguay recently reviewed its history. At the National Youth Academy, one of the most important clubs in the country, Two seasons ago it was time to decide. When he came of age, the club offered him a new one-year contract, but he would remain involved in the training process. And there appeared an option to go to a racing club which opened the doors of the highest class for him.

“I played in Nacional until the second year of the fourth division, and I was already playing in the third division. Given the possibility of racing in the middle of the year, I didn’t have a contract, I was enticed by sports and decided to get into racing. I chose to keep records in the first division (…), it was a difficult decision. I talked about it with my family, with my representative and we decided it was the best, and it was what I wanted, ”he explained to Uruguayan media. and, although the National was left with a 20% pass, In barely two years, he has seen how Mourinho has grown and raised the bar extremely high. Mourinho was in a hurry to reach the elite, he felt he was ready and he was not wrong. Now the time is coming for him to move to Europe, despite the fact that South American clubs such as River Plate have also knocked on his door. Atlético has got to work. He is convinced that he has a lot of potential (he already has compared to Araújo) and wants to confirm his inclusion as soon as possible (they are talking about three million euros plus bonuses). Their ideal with Charrua blood could have the following members.

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