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New Restaurants You Must Discover in Canada

Know what new restaurants what should you visit in Canada. The following places are located in 15 cities from eight different provinceswhere do you find international offersbefore unusual objects.

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this choice was released Air Canadathrough his programCanada’s Best New Restaurants‘ and includes the name 30 nomineeswho compete for a place in the top Top 10 New Restaurants. This result will be announced on November 1 this year.

New Restaurants
Photo: Naeem Benjelloun/Pexels

Emerging Offers

Among the list 30 new restaurants in Canada they find each other:


This restaurant It is located in a historic building from the 17th century.within Old Quebec and owns unique decorationwhere can you find the animated version Last supper before maple leaf platescreated Artist Linen Gros-Louis. But what characterizes him is his gastronomic offer which is based on seasonal products and your list international winescured Sommelier Pierre-Alexis Sulier.

Jay Feng/Montreal

Jay Feng this is grocery store where will you find bowls of noodlesChinese spices, tofu pieces and best chinese products. It can also try refreshing salads at Japanese desserts which will please your palate. Although it should be borne in mind that the menu of this place constantly transformingdepending on orders Chef Anita Yue Ming Feng.


Mokili is another one of new restaurants discover in Canadabecause in it gastronomy and pan-African culture meet. There you can enjoy Moroccan tagine -lightly seasoned-, plate roast goat and plantainin addition to Safu fruit puree Central Africa while you enjoy Congolese rumba who establishes the restaurant Chef Epepe Tukala Vuvu.

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On Delara’s menu you will find spicy and sour flavors which distinguish modern Iranian culturewho invite you to try Plum and hop spritzerfried cauliflower and spicy yogurtwhile you let yourself be enveloped Iranian songs who jump between the white walls of the restaurant and through warm breeze which filters through panel de mashrabiya.

Namjim/st. John

Namjim is not just a restaurantthis is Pop-Up with plates Inspired by fragrances Southeast Asia with a mixture of seafood, vegetables and herbs. In it you will find adjoining terrace which opens in summer to mix lfolk music with the cries of seagulls. Surely this an experience you can’t miss.

In addition to the above, the list new restaurants canadienses se incluyen: Bar Susu, Drift, Elephant, Fonda Balam, Fox & Monocle, Fu’s Repair Shop, Gia Vin & Grill, Hayloft Steak + Fish, Heart’s Tavern and Bar, Jeju, Major Tom, Mastard, Mimi Chinese, Một Tô, Nola, Osteria Giulia, Parcelles, Pei Pei Chei Ow, Perch, Pichai, Pop Wine Bar, Prime Seafood Palace, 20 Victoria restaurant, Alentours y Roy’s Korean Kitchen.

culinary quest

Selection of new restaurants was based on recommendations dictated by the national commission gastronomic experts. In addition, the competition Best New Canada this is the longest search for new talent in Canada because it takes 21 years of investigation which restaurants, chefs, teams and new talent in this country.

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