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Friday, February 3, 2023

New Year’s Eve, parties and stress: “alcohol abuse among adolescents and psychoactive drugs among adults is worrying”

With end-of-the-year parties, graduations and the holidays just around the corner, the Rosario Psychiatrist and expert Addiction Medicine, Gustavo de Vega, worried about “huge” Naturalization and Socialization of Alcohol and Marijuana Consumption in Adolescents” plus “Cocaine and tranquilizers in adults up to age 40”, Note that addictions also appear World of work Where as those who have already consumed in adolescence tend to do so when they are exposed to a substance again. guess there 1.5 lakh drug addicts in our areacriticizes some places to recover And he was very strict on the policy of harm reduction.

De Vega directs the AVCD, a center for the prevention and care of addictions established in 1982 and provides care for patients in the city and region. He is also a professor at the Faculty of Psychology at the National University of Rosario.

This Sunday he will also participate in the great concert of “Not a Kid Less for Drugs”, where social and religious organizations will march from monument to flag in pursuit of the slogan’s purpose. Face to face meeting with psychiatrist Mala3,

Are you concerned about the level of drug use in the area?

—What I see with concern is the massive naturalization and socialization of consumption Alcohol and Marijuana in Teens and consumption of Alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine in adults Up to 40 years. In adults, in general, there is also a high consumption of pacifier(Clonazepam, Lorazepam) which are very effective as drugs but for some years Self-medication is triggered by a sign of a close,

Among teenagers, the binge mode of alcohol consumption such as a bottle of Fernet with Coke or a bottle of vodka with so-called energizers which are caffeine stimulants accounts for every three people. There is a tolerance on the part of society for the consumption of alcohol, which is no longer beer but vodka: Beer contains 6 percent alcohol, a glass of vodka contains more than 40 percent alcohol. It seems that’s all it gives.

Addiction is the most sophisticated extension of consumption. When one can stop consuming (alcohol, drugs, food, ultra-processed foods, social networks, weight in the gym) it becomes the mouth of the ocean that swallows everything and becomes the most elaborate result of a consumer society. Is. it’s like a dog that wags its tailThat toxic process turns against the consumer, he cannot handle it and he collapses.

New Year'S Eve, Parties And Stress: &Quot;Alcohol Abuse Among Adolescents And Psychoactive Drugs Among Adults Is Worrying&Quot;

De Vega: “Addiction is the most refined extension of consumption.” Photo: Alan Monzon / Rosario3

—Do you detect levels of addiction in the workplace?

—If one looks at the data produced by Cedronar and Drug Consumption Observatory for our country, for example already in 2014, it is clearly seen that Alcohol and marijuana use begins before age 11is maintained during secondary school and After the age of 18, he enters the world of work.,

Habits formed in adolescence are indelible termed a neuro-biochemical recording mode of an emotional, physical, and especially substance use experience Sensitization, This means that when at some point, even after a long period of time without exposure to a substance, a person is exposed to that substance again, his or her body produces an immediate response that is much worse than the person was. It is more intense who has not experimented in his life. This event becomes a vulnerability. That’s why Many youth use drugs without becoming addicted And when he enters the world of work and is presented with situations stress and fatigue Resort to alcohol, a marijuana joint, or stimulants. If it has already happened once, then that record becomes active again as a compulsion.

New Year'S Eve, Parties And Stress: &Quot;Alcohol Abuse Among Adolescents And Psychoactive Drugs Among Adults Is Worrying&Quot;

De Vega: “The habit that settles in adolescence is as indelible as an emotional and physical experience.” Photo: Alan Monzon / Rosario3

—and how is it reflected in companies or workplaces?

“Very often and rudely.” Prevention is also not given much importance. We have people with serious consumption problems, they start seeking help, they are offered useful treatments but not the ones that work. This remedial proposal was effective in the last century and is now becoming a problem because it requires unguaranteed work leave and generates a circuit of absenteeism and discouragement of the parties.

The most compelling example is the public sector where there is no motivation for recovery and capture of consumers, lack of training from above and hence It is necessary to work with trade union representatives. This is a pressing issue. There is no access to effective treatment, not just access to counseling and no. This is an adequate treatment due to the fact that quality standards are not taken into account.

—Are there statistics to quantify addictions in our area?

It can be assumed that in the city There will be half a million people south of the great Rosario and Santa Fe who consume and are addicted to Drugs, gambling and alcohol.

drug crime and recovery

—What effect does consumption have on young people who become part of drug gangs?

With 40 per cent poverty and destitution the impact on the consumption problem creates an alarming situation.

This dynamic consumption has devastating effects in terms of deteriorating quality of life and economic and social vulnerability. A 12 or 13 year old boy’s use of sexuality and consumption soon after puberty causes a failure of his regulatory functions and I directly lack it. It’s like driving cars off the road without brakes, they don’t have brakes, The fact that mothers under the age of 15 are giving birth to babies every week with traces of cocaine is more than any analysis can handle and is a deadly cocktail. most serious Ignoring state structures.

—Are there de-addiction centers?

-not only There is no space but what is being offered is far from being offered for recoveryIn other words, a person who is suffering from a mental health problem can regain his emotional and physical stability, a state of overall health.

against harm reduction

—Why do you disagree with the harm reduction policy regarding drug use?

Harm reduction is one of the most powerful and intelligent tools in the fight against HIV/AIDS with enormous health system impact. The problem is when it is transferred to addictions and our field without any kind of study or reflection.

In Rosario, historically there may have been someone who injects, but 99.99 percent consume alcohol, marijuana, and psychoactive drugs. In this context polydrug use does not benefit from harm reduction policy but becomes a problem. The person who uses cocaine says that as long as I don’t inject it, I can keep using it, or as long as I smoke marijuana, nothing happens.

Harm reduction was established here after excluding other options. In spainHarm reduction is a complex, multidisciplinary system and is implemented in a clear way with resources and a variety of services. It is tactfully expressed and not in the form of a proverb. Here it is established as if it were the absolute truth.

—Spain is “First World”, but we in Argentina with all the shortcomings you point out, doesn’t it apply a harm reduction policy?

—If we were with Father Pepe (de Paola), he would tell you The worst that can happen in the most vulnerable areas is to implement harm reduction, It’s a license to get high. Intelligent damage reduction is prevention and not as of now.

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