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Nexus Mode bans creations that are against the variety or troll other users

The decision comes after a controversial revision was released for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered.

with the launch of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered On PC, it didn’t take long for him to start getting mods that changed the hero’s look and other elements of his world. One of them was that Removed LGBT+ pride flag in titlewhose distribution was being handled by Nexus Mod – which, in response, announced that Will no longer allow hosting of this type of content,

In a statement released this Wednesday (17), the site’s administrators said that The mod caused “silly play” among the community And who, apart from removing it, also drove its author away. Nexus Mod states that the modification was posted by an active user to a newly created account with a different identity, whose The sole purpose was to “troll” and get attention.,

Nexus Mode Bans Creations That Are Against The Variety Or Troll Other Users

,The fact that the user had to create a puppet account like a coward to upload the mod showed his intention to troll and he knew it would not be allowed.”, the site administrators said. According to the update, Using an alternate account resulted in the user being bannedwhich will only be notified of the content if they have hosted them under their original identity.

NexusMod means diversity

In the same message, site administrators stated that are in favor of diversity in games, and that they reserve the right to refuse to host any content that goes against it, Nexus Mod states that, as a private entity, it has the right to do so and will also act proactively to block content created with the intention of trolling or teasing other users or groups.

,We are not the authority on what users can and cannot modify. Removing a mod just means that it can’t be found in Nexus Mod, nothing more, nothing lessThe company also asks users Report any content they consider inappropriateReserving the right to judge for himself whether he should be removed or not.

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,We will not and will not discuss this with you. We explain our position and we will not provide you a platform to distort our position to feed a crazy and distorted narrative.According to Nexus Mods, not everyone who was hurt by its status or agreed with the site’s code of conduct You are free to delete your accounts and use competing sites To host your content (or at least try to do so).


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