Neymar chooses the club he wants to move to this summer

Neymar chooses the club he wants to move to this summer

neymar goodbye Paris Saint Germain Closer than ever. This time it looks like both player and club have agreed to part ways and despite the fact he has been linked with a number of clubs, it looks like he may have already chosen what destiny he wants .

Of all the choices, the one that pleased her the most neymar Kanta wanted to play in the Premier League, a dream that came true as his intention finally manchester udWho are looking for another attacker and are interested in the Brazilian.

As reported by The Sun neymar31 years, only intends to leave Paris Saint Germain And on the basis that he will put pressure on the club to move to United, with whom he still has four years left on his contract.

However, even if there is a foreshadowing, it is known from manchester ud That the operation would be complicated, at least financially. Not only because of the figure that the transfer can handle, but also because of the huge contract he has neymar With PSG, it’s hard to imagine any other club. It would therefore have to reduce wages, something that Ney should have already taken into account.

What is clear is that the middle position psg And he cannot continue. Not only because militants and a large section of fans have asked him to leave, but because relations with the club are strained and in fact he missed the celebration of the Ligue 1 title to go to the Monaco Grand Prix, Which you didn’t like.

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