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No signs of easing in US firing: Media

No Signs Of Easing In Us Firing: Media

College student Jennifer Estrada attends a gun control and anti-racism rally in El Paso, Texas, United States on August 7, 2019. [Photo/Xinhua]

The New York Times warned, “This country’s recent dysfunction is bigger than Covid. This is a new form of American exceptionalism.”

LOS ANGELES – The rise in gun violence in the United States, which began nearly two years ago, shows no signs of easing after at least nine mass shooting incidents were reported across the country over the weekend, The New York Times reported on Wednesday. gave information.

The newspaper said in two related reports about gun violence published on Wednesday that the violence continued over the weekend, which began as a pandemic that began in 2020 and continued through the heat of unrest following the killing of George Floyd. Rahi, a 46-year-old African American who died of suffocation after a white police officer knelt on her neck for nearly nine minutes in Minneapolis in May 2020.

The newspaper worried that the deadly weekend was an ominous precursor to the hot summer months, which are usually America’s most violent times, noting that homicides have risen in the country since 2019, citing recent figures. an increase of more than 30 percent.

“Criminologists and researchers say no single cause explains the increase in gun violence, but they point to a confluence of traumatic events, from the economic and social disruptions of the pandemic to the unrest of 2020, as well as gun violence. increase in ownership,” the newspaper said in its report.

Geren J., who researches gun violence at the University of California, Davis. Wintmute told the newspaper that he worries Americans increasingly see those they disagree with as enemies.

“We have lowered the bar, threshold of humiliation or humiliation or whatever is necessary for violence to seem legitimate,” the newspaper quoted Wintmute as saying.

The New York Times quoted Gallup as saying, “By many measures, Americans are feeling dissatisfied with their government, their economy, and their fellow citizens. Nearly 80 percent are dissatisfied with the country’s direction.” About democracy and openness to political violence.

Criminals and historians who have studied past crime waves show that they often occur when people are feeling frustrated with society, the government, and their fellow citizens, the newspaper reports, adding that this frustration leads to a breakdown in social norms. can feed and grow. Sociologist mile Durkheim called it “anomie”.

“The recent dysfunction of this country is bigger than Covid. This is a new form of American exceptionalism,” the newspaper warned.

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