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Official propaganda is celebrating: Americans will live three years less than Cubans, according to American media

Official propaganda is celebrating: Americans will live three years less than Cubans, according to American media

Despite the lack of food, medicine and fuel, even for fumigation, in addition to dengue fever and already regular blackouts, Cubans have reason to rejoice: Americans will live three years less than them, and it says newsweekAn American media outlet, in an article that appears to be designed to promote the regime and as such, the State Portal cubedebate hand him

newsweek confirms that life expectancy at birth in the US has fallen over the past two years to such an extent that now the average Cuban will live almost three years longer than the average American. The statement is based on a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which shows that life expectancy in that country has fallen by almost a full year compared to 2020. It is now 73.2 for men, while it is 79.9 for women.

“Influential US media highlights that life expectancy in Cuba has been less than or further than that of the United States since 1970, when the populations of both countries could expect to live about 70 years, “He highlighted. cubedebate,

newsweek It also states that Cubans have access to free medical care, which is one of the key tenets of socialism and the country has a high proportion of medical professionals, and focuses on prevention and primary care, which also underlines. cubedebateDespite the fact that the Constitution itself, adopted in 2019, recognizes that neither health nor education is free.

In accordance with economic fundamentals, Article 31 of the Constitution states that “Remuneration in accordance with the work provided is supplemented by equal and free satisfaction of universal social services and other benefits more benefits,

It does not specify which are which, but according to the government, health and education are the main services Cubans receive equitably and free of charge.

That Magna Carta article recognizes that it was already condemned by experts: There is believed to be a link between free health and education, and the low wages that Cubans earn.,

The US media also cites the example of China, where life expectancy was 59 years in 1970. Since then, life expectancy in the Asian nation has grown steadily to reach the United States and may surpass it, according to country statistics. 2021.

World Bank figures quoted by newsweek reflect that Cuba has a life expectancy of 78.9 years and China’s 77.1 (2020 figures).

other countries such as Colombia, Uruguay and Chile; Costa Rica, Panama and Puerto Rico, and Turkey, Greece and Albania, lead the US in terms of life expectancy.

He says they all have GDP per capita in dollar terms that is less than half that of Americans. newsweek and quote cubedebate,

according to the article newsweek, The US ranks 50th in the world in terms of life expectancy. (based on data and considered country or region), and has decreased by 2.7 years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 60 years, the United States has surpassed the world’s average life expectancy by 17 years, making it just over 4.5. Potentially, that benefit will be only 3.5 years after the data is updated, he explains. newsweek,

cubedebate also cites data provided by American media, which points out that there is a large disparity between ethnic groups and genders in the northern nation. For example, an Asian woman is expected to live 85.6 years, while a Black man’s life expectancy is 66.7 years.

The Cuban state media does not talk about these inequalities on the island. However, studies by Cuban social scientists reflect Differences between blacks and whites in Cuba in terms of health indicators and life expectancyWhich was exposed in a series of works by DIARIO DE CUBA columnist Rafaela Cruz.

Although some readers celebrated the publication and assured that the Cuban reality may be better in terms of health “but the economic blockade damages the state of social, psychological and cultural well-being of the Cuban population” and that everything ” Against what has been achieved “in the shadow of the blockade killer who robs us of even our doctors,” others asked about the quality of life in Cuba, something they don’t even talk about. newsweek In cubedebate,

,And the quality of life, isn’t living to live?“, questioned the user, identified as Freddy. “I imagine the crazy Yuma will come here to live three more years…”, ironed Rolando. Guile, for his part, asked, With what quality does the generation of Cubans who have reached the age of 70 live,

“Extraordinary. I invite journalists newsweek To come to Cuba and see the reality, For example, the current level of nutrition and availability of medicines in Cuba is not even remotely comparable to that of any other moderately developed country, the United States. I do not understand the purpose of this analysis newsweekOr what it intends to demonstrate, but I can already imagine the excitement of many people here that a Yankee magazine says we have a longer life expectancy than the United States,” Libra wrote.

There was no gap between the comments, a reminder the reliance that many Cubans have on remittances sent from the US by relatives and the number of residents living on the island who primarily wish to immigrate to that country.

“It should also be noted that the living standards of Cubans living in the United States are much higher than those living here, that their remittances help hundreds of thousands of Cubans meet their needs, and that there is a constant migratory flow to the United States, so without a doubt, Despite these figures, Cubans, at least a significant portion, want to live in the United States.Jesus remembered.

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