oppo mr glasses developer edition 5

Oppo MR Glasses: Mixed Reality Glasses Are Already Ready To Leave Virtual Reality Behind

OPPO has introduced its new Mixed Reality (MR) glasses. This happened during the 2023 Augmented World Expo where the manufacturer showcased its most advanced glasses. We’re not just dealing with virtual reality glasses, but with kits compatible with Snapdragon Space, the platform that combines virtual and augmented reality.

launch of new oppo mr glasses developer edition Coincides with the presentation of Meta Quest 3 and the anticipated arrival of Apple’s Mixed Reality glasses.

OPPO launches in mixed reality

The Oppo MR glasses come with VPT binoculars, RGB front camera, panoramic lens, and 120Hz refresh rate panel. QuadHD resolution for each eye, As the company states, the ingredients are chosen so that they do not irritate the skin.

oppo mr glasses developer edition 5

inside they Snapdragon XR2+ PlatformIts an advanced version of Mixed Reality that allows playback of 3D content, 50% more power than the XR2 version and compatibility with WiFi 6.

On the battery front, the Oppo MR Glass comes with SuperVOOC fast charging. whereas for sensors, they have heart rate detection brand owner.

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these mixed reality glasses allow us to capture what’s around us Display it to our eyes by adding 3D graphics to add more information or create games and applications. While virtual reality glasses only provide us with virtual content, in these mixed reality glasses we opt to get closer to our environment.

it’s about a developer kit, So the size is still not as optimal as what the Oppo Air Glass 2 offers.

Oppo has Have a lot of experience about connected glasses, It was in 2019 when the first concept of Oppo Glass of augmented reality was animated. Late last year, they launched the Air Glass 2 with LED microprojector. They now feature glasses with a more complete design, although still far from being a commercial product that can be purchased by the public.

We don’t know if these glasses will ever go on sale, but it seems clear that Oppo wants to bet on this area.

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