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Pac-12 Recruiting: Arizona’s Surprising Success Lies in Energy, Sustainability, and Sales of “Hope”

Two weeks from the initial-signature window, disruption lurks within the Pac-12 hierarchy.

The team at the bottom of the division standings is not ranked last in the recruitment rankings.

The team that was repeatedly blown off the field of play deserves much more than its hold on the recruiting trail.

The one-winning team has two four-star commitments.

“I think Arizona surprised everyone,” said Brandon Huffman, a national recruiting editor for 247Sports. “They’re selling hope.”

Looks like recruits are shopping.

With the December 15-17 signing period approaching, it will be two long weeks for first-year coach Jade Fish and his staff. He must maintain committed prospects that are coveted by others, build on the progress made and sort through dizzying choices in the transfer portal – all against the backdrop of the worst full-season record (1-11) in the program’s history. is against.

They lost to NAU for the first time in nine decades and to Arizona State for the fifth consecutive season.

If Cal’s roster doesn’t wallow for COVID, the Wildcats likely end up 0-12 and own the longest losing streak in major college football.

And yet here they are surprisingly, remarkably, ready to disrupt the natural order.

According to the 247Sports database, Oregon tops the current Pac-12 recruiting rankings, followed by Stanford and UCLA.

And then, in fourth place (and number 39 nationally), there’s Arizona.

Among the 15 committed recruits are four-star tight end Keon Burnett, who was originally committed to USC, and four-star linebacker Sterling Lane. But the class’s strength relative to the Pac-12 competition lies in the amount of corrupt possibilities.

4 position won’t be easy now as USC hired Lincoln Riley, but the Wildcats are on pace to their best performance on the recruiting trail in years.

They are ranked no higher than ninth in the Pac-12 since 2014, when Rich Rodriguez’s program was underway and the Wildcats finished at No.

“It’s their best class in a long time,” said Greg Biggins, a Southern California-based recruiting analyst for 247Sports. “The staff came with a lot of energy, and they have strong ties to Northern and Southern California.”

The coaches have done their part, but so is the administrative side of the football operation. High school recruiting coordinator Ryan Partridge has made quite an impact.

“He’s super connected,” Huffman said.

Another reason for Arizona’s hiring boom: sustainability.

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