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Podemos Soria blames the liberal system and climate change for the agrarian crisis

“In Podemos Soria, we know more than reasonable unrest in the sector,” declared the purple formation, where they cited the recent FACUA report on the matter. “The speculation of the intermediaries and big chains causes the increase of inflation in such a way that it increases the price of the product to ridiculous and bloody figures, like 875% from the farm to the store, which represents a huge pressure for small farmers to make selling their product cheaper.” Important products such as lemons, lentils, onions or potatoes will endure what the purple party describes as “absolutely disproportionate and shameful margins, because even by reducing the VAT on these products, speculators continue to become insult rich in the work of small farmers and the working class

The formation of the circle proves that the productive model of the countryside has changed radically. “In the last decade, macro farms increased by 6% and small farms fell by 25%. The number of large funds investing in the agri-food sector increased by 15 in the last two decades, reaching more than 700. On the other hand, only 181 people in the whole of Spain own property spanning more than 10 km2. The hiding of the big holders is clearly visible.” Podemos points to Juan Abelló, “a personal friend of the king emeritus and José María Aznar”, as the largest farm owner in Spain, with 40,000 hectares spread over just 5 farms, followed by the Casa de Alba “without staining its hands. received 2.9 million euros from the CAP.”The party attacked right-wing formations like the PP and Vox, “which fill their mouths talking about the countryside, but, far from defending it, they unprincipledly sell it to a feudal system of landlords, cronies, and vulture funds.”

Regarding the management of the Common Agrarian Policy, the famous CAP, Podemos Soria, participated in the protests of farmers and ranchers. “This system of aid and subsidies should be aimed at stopping the inequality of the sector and affecting the pockets of those who cultivate the land with their hands or directly take care of animals, not the treasury of large corporations like Mercadona. , Telefónica, Freixenet, Protos, or Florette, which receive millions of euros from the CAP every year and even less from foreign consortia like British Food. The purple formation criticizes that a third of the public budget of the community “favors agribusiness rather than abandoning family products that have greater environmental and social value. Apart from the debate on the total value of the Common Agricultural Policy, we must ask ourselves where the funds are allocated, and it does not seem like raining public money on big companies is the way to improve the sustainability and income of our farmers and ranchers.”

They also addressed free trade agreements, something they have criticized for years. “This is an unfair neoliberal approach for those who adhere to sustainability standards, and there is a lack of protection for small family farmers or ranchers,” they said. “We have seen the consequences in the Spanish rice sector of the free trade agreement signed with Vietnam and approved by the European Parliament of the PP, PSOE, and Vox, which has damaged the economy of our country’s farmers for good to foreign speculators and big chains… to supermarkets that sell lower quality, less sustainable, and more unfair products at the same price.” The aforementioned parties promote the abolition of tariffs, which favor large corporations, while, in the words of Podemos, “asking for the intervention of the state in the form of subsidies for those who own large estates.”

In Podemos Soria, they also warned that “sadly, the calculations of the consequences of climate change have come true.” This past 2023, due to drought, heat waves, and heavy rains that reduced soil fertility, was the worst year in the history of Castilla y León for crops, with a 42% reduction in crop production. “We are witnessing a drop in productivity, a reduction in the possibility of irrigation, a change in fruit cycles, a lack of soil fertility, and destructive fires due to climate change. The data will not continue to be denied, and the application of policies to prevent it is urgently needed. At the same time, agricultural insurance is becoming more expensive every year. “It is in the hands of a private monopoly that the various bipartisan ministries do not dare to intervene in any way. There are many promises, but in the end, neoliberalism is not a game, it seems.

Finally, they pointed to the Food Chain Law, promoted by Unidas Podemos and approved by the majority of the Congress of Deputies with PP and VOX voting against it, which was implemented in December 2021. “All agricultural organizations are in accordance with the law because it prohibits the sale of a loss to the farmer or rancher, among other advantages. Now, when the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food provides resources to the Food Information and Control Agency, which is the one that must verify compliance with the law of contracts for the sale of agricultural and livestock products, another chicken will crow. , they confirm from the purple formation. “This step that France now admits is already in our country, but it remains voluntarily inactive through a ministry that has been in the hands of the PSOE since then and the autonomous communities, which have a lot of power in agriculture, livestock control, and feeding.

As a final proclamation, Podemos assured that they will always support this kind of demand, and they have long proposed a comprehensive package of measures to protect the countryside, such as a climate shield, a shocking plan against drought, and fair optimization. in the use and management of water, a strengthening of the effectiveness and sustainability of our water resources, the empowerment of the family and social agriculture and livestock as a strategic sector and food sovereignty, following the Food Chain Law of autonomous communities and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, and greater protection of the most sustainable and fair products of society and the environment. “In Podemos, we believe in the sovereignty of food in our country and in our provinces, in a fair distribution of the CAP, and in the control of speculation so that the products worked hard by our farmers and ranchers are not playthings. We are witnessing the collapse of the neoliberal system in the primary sector, as has happened in energy, housing, or the world of work, and we need bold policies that stand up for those who really cultivate the land or take care of animals—a model that adapts and at the same time fights the intensifying climate change. Regarding the positions of other parties, Podemos Soria says that “there are many ridiculous speeches that deny the truth and provide no data, let alone solutions. “We need more respect for science and more empathy and solidarity among people.”

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