Pope slaps parents on the ear for not respecting their children

Pope slaps parents on the ear for not respecting their children

Pope Francis has said that parents who do not set limits for their children are doing wrong because true education requires “boundaries”. He assures, “You have to educate with limits. If you raise a boy, a girl, a child without limits, you are doing wrong. They need caress, love, but to be loved Not even for.” “Whims to whims,” ​​the pontiff insisted in an interview given to the public television program Rai e Sua Imagin, recorded on 27 May.

The Pope has reflected on the problems of the world as well as on personal life and families.

Francisco has reflected on education and talked about the figure of teachers, explaining that in addition to “attracting” and “feeling good”, he also “sets boundaries”. “A teacher who only gives you candy is no good. A teacher is one who helps you walk, but tells you the limits and scolds you. If there is a father and mother who do not scold a child, So something is wrong”, thought.

Pope also mentions the phenomenon of bullying in that those who bully “seem to be winners”, but “it is a false victory because it is a victory over the aggression, over the pain of others”.

“True victory is harmonious, it is not aggressive, it is meekness. The true word is meekness. Meekness is not so much educated today as they make us see that meekness is foolishness,” he assured.

Regarding the episodes of bullying, he has said that there is “a certain pleasure in torture”. “We’re seeing it in war, in war movies, Anand… and so many soldiers who work there torture Ukrainian soldiers. I’ve seen the movies. And it happens to boys sometimes, ” They said.

The Pope also recalled that the way to God is “closeness, compassion and tenderness” and urged parents to “teach this to their children”. “There is no way: either we choose the path of love, tenderness, or we choose the path of indifference”, he said.

“Educate children for free, but always with limits”, he stressed. During the interview, the Pope also referred to the war in Ukraine, saying that armed conflict is a “story as old as humanity”. “With peace you always win, maybe a little but you win, with war you lose everything. Everything. And the perceived gains are losses,” he said.

Francis thus repeated the appeal of Pius XII in his radio message to political leaders in 1939, when on the eve of World War II he said: “Nothing is lost by peace. Everything can be lost by war.”

The pontiff has also spoken about what he has called a “peacock complex”. And he added: “I don’t know if this category exists in psychology, but I call it the ‘Peacock Complex.’ Anyone who doesn’t act like a peacock feels small. And he’s male, The woman who goes to work, to be able to buy a house, to start a family. There is no peacock with them! But those who are a little superficial fall in love with the peacock, try to show off, Let’s pretend…” “That’s not the way,” said the Pope.


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