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PQ will reduce the limit of 35,000 immigrants per year. Election Quebec 2022

PQ will reduce the limit of 35,000 immigrants per year.  Election Quebec 2022

The claim that we continue to hear in the media that increasing the immigration threshold makes it possible to meet the labor shortage is factually incorrect and incorrect.announced its leader Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon at a press briefing in Lewis on Monday morning.

Macroeconomically, connecting people […] does not change the labor shortage, as these people are both workers and consumers, and [que] their consumption requires labor equal to their individual labor outputhe explained.

Worse: Accepting more immigrants only exacerbates the problem, argues the PQ leader.

We lack in education, in doctorsone who bothers our receptionhe pointed out. And in the context of housing shortages, there is even a risk that higher immigration limits will exacerbate the labor shortage, because in addition to each worker’s consumption, it is also necessary to cover housing construction that does not exist.

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in this context, p q Desire return to the threshold of less linguistic pressure lowering the threshold 35 000 immigrants per year.

The political formation would also require that 100% of economic immigrants have knowledge of French prior to their arrival, a proposal already included in the 2018 electoral platform.

Of Incentives will be made to regionalize 50% of permanent immigration. The annual franchise budget will also be increased from $120 million to $180 million per year.

, Quebec’s immigration model will be first and foremost to ensure Quebec’s linguistic and cultural stability, but also [pour] Successful integration within the framework of a win-win relationship. ,

, a quote from Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon, leader of the Party Québécois

A limit is also provided in the PQ plan Environment 20% Admissions of non-Quebec university students who do not master French at McGill, Concordia and Bishop so that this rate corresponds to the relative weight of English-speaking students in Quebec.

The party emphasizes the urgency of the situation by assessing thatIn 2021 alone, about 40,000 foreign students who do not speak French came to Quebec,

Even if François Legault’s coalition wants to retain the current border of Avenier Quebec (CAQ) 50 000 Immigrant per year, Quebec is currently on track to welcome more than 100,000 newcomers this year.

The Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ), for its part, proposes to set this limit at 70 000 To revise this target according to the needs of the regions in 2023 and for the following years.

Emphasizing that Quebec matters 270,000 VacanciesThe head of QLPDominic Angled, tell Monday she wasn’t disagree With the PQ proposal to lower the immigration limit. In such, Clearly lowering the threshold today is not going in the right directionhe said.

, Today’s reality is that the biggest economic obstacle we face is that we do not have people. […] To not be aware of it is to be cut off from the ground, but completely. ,

, a quote from Dominic Angled, leader of the PLQ

However, Ms Angled and Mr Saint-Pierre Plamondon agree on the need to “regionalise” immigration.

This also QLP offer to[analyser] Possibility of modifying linguistic requirements to accelerate the attainment of CSQ When the area in which the immigrant candidate wishes to settle is located outside the metropolitan area,

François Legault And Some Of His Candidates At A Press Briefing.

According to François Legault, Quebec should welcome a maximum of 50,000 immigrants per year.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Matthew Potwin

Called to comment on the subject on the sidelines of his announcement of the day, on Monday morning, François Legault, for his part, described caq like a party practical at balance,

, This morning, there is a party to which it is not important, the defense of the French, then a party to which it is not important, economic development. We are balanced between the two. We 70,000 . are not on [immigrants accueillis par année], We are not at 35,000, we are at 50,000. ,

, a quote from François Legault, CAQ. The head of

Mr Legault reiterated, as he has done since the beginning of the campaign, that only 50% Under the Liberal and PQ governments received immigrants who spoke French before that, while the rate climbed to 80% under him.

However, he failed to mention that his own targets for 2019 and 2020 were 41% and 49%, and that is only because Ottawa has focused on applications from people already in Quebec during the pandemic. The % limit was reached last year.

The Text Is Written On A Banner Showing The Face Of Prime Minister François Legault And Leading To A File On His Balance Sheet.

Quebec Solidaire, for its part, advocates for a maximum 80 000 immigrants per year.

Taking the same argument as Dominique Anglade, party co-spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois announced on Monday morning that Paul was Saint-Pierre Plamondon. Cut off from the needs of the regions of Quebec,

I think clearly the Party Québécois is no longer the party of the regions, he said. Because I, when I walk in the field, in the fields, […] People tell me: “We want people. We want people to help us overcome the labor shortage.” And there, Mr. Plamondon nonetheless proposes to significantly reduce immigration into Quebec.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois At A Press Briefing.

Quebec Solidair will welcome 80,000 new people a year.

Photo: Canadian Press / Graham Hughes

For the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ), which did not quantify its immigration goals in its election platform, its leader Eric Duhaime declared Monday afternoon that he was comfortable with those caq, threshold of 50 000Personally, I don’t think it’s a problemThey said.

However, Mr Duhaime said the PQ was not entirely wrong in saying that immigration would not solve the labor shortage problem that Quebec is currently experiencing. They are right about it, to some extent.He accepted.

will generate a need for migrant workers, so of course [le ratio “immigrant/poste à pourvoir”] 1/1 . Not thereConservative leader explained. It takes longer than an immigrant to fill an available jobHe summarized.

According to him, immigration onlydifferent To solve the labor shortage, a problem for which PCQ In particular, it seeks to tackle this by proposing to retain additional tax credits, even if only on a part-time basis, for retirees in the labor market.

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