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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Prices in Qatar: A Clarins ambassador went to a supermarket to explain what it’s like to be Argentinian and shop in Doha

“Come on, lady, come on”Lita de Lazzari repeated over and over, when the face-to-face oasis was already beginning to become an optical illusion. The housewife and bursar, who has become a TV host since the 90s, advises spending soles to watch prices and thus protect a little of the family economy.

Here, the advice of walking in Doha will not be of much use. is that we were ‘kicking’ the gondolas of various supermarkets in the Al Sadd area, one of the most populous areas of the city. And, no matter how far we go, the prices are the same from place to place, To complete the negative combo, everything is looking great for Argentina’s Pacifado pocket. There are exceptions, but they are just that.

Before talking about prices, you have to do the math. Because keeping clear accounts… No, because the official currency of Qatar and the one which controls all businesses is Riyal and, due to ignorance, we knew very little about its existence and its value. One rial is equal to 27 US cents. If we take the dollar available in Argentina, which is around or above 300 pesos in all its forms, the simple rule of three allows us to calculate it. 1 riyal is equal to 80 pesos, Sure to score.

Images of a supermarket, its gondolas and products in the Al Sadd area, one of the most populous neighborhoods in Doha, Qatar. Photo: Alejandro Bar / Special Envoy.

Another clarification, important for Argentina fans coming to watch the World Cup, they don’t accept all dollars in this peninsula, In exchange houses and in banks they reject pre-2009 series bills. The difference here is not between the small head and the big head, as in our land, but between the green dollar and the blue dollar. They only accept the ones with the latest and greatest security measures.

After two explanatory strings the little monkey has no choice but to catch up and go shopping. The fridge needs to be stocked. And we start with basic foods. fasten your seat belts. A liter of milk costs 550 pesos, a half bottle of mineral water costs 440 pesos, a kilo of flour costs 410 pesos, and 30 eggs costs 2,400 pesos., As you can see, we started the tour at the top.

Gondolas, Filled With Exotic Products.  Photo: Alejandro Bar / Special Envoy.

Gondolas, filled with exotic products. Photo: Alejandro Bar / Special Envoy.

Plus: a 400-gram package of noodles costs $300, a small lactal bread is available for $280, 200 grams of bologna costs 500 pesos, and machine cheese, in the same proportion, costs about $730. A pack of six sausages reaches 400 pesos. And with mayonnaise, the medium pot costs $1600. Oil: Corn, for 1.8 litres, $1,720; sunflowers, in the same pot, two hundred pesos less; And half a liter of olives is a thousand. When it comes to dairy products, a pot of yogurt starts at $240 and a kilo of Gouda cheese costs an average of $2,700.

There are no vegetable vendors or butchers on the streets. Therefore, the supermarket is the only place to provide yourself with two basic food items for the family basket and for proper nutrition. Another explanatory stop, although you may already know that in Qatar, due to climatic reasons, it is very difficult to plant and harvest. In fact, it produces almost no food or inputs that have anything to do with oil. Therefore, among so many things, vegetables and fruits are all imported.,

Brand Meat &Quot;Argentina&Quot;, Canned And With A Flavor That Has Little To Do With Traditional Argentine Steak.  Photo: Alejandro Bar / Special Envoy.

“Argentine” brand meat, canned and with a flavor that has little to do with traditional Argentine steak. Photo: Alejandro Bar / Special Envoy.

That said, let’s go with another calculation: a kilo of South African grapes costs $360, Philippine bananas cost 520 pesos and apples vary according to their color and origin: red (and yellow) Lebanese $320. And green are available for South African. Two hundred pesos more. Italian ones, also green, reach a thousand pesos per kilo. Heading for more fabulous fruits: avocados a pound and mangoes soar above $3120 a pound, And a kilo of mixed nuts reaches $5,500. Sheikh’s talk.

How expensive is onion!, the saying goes. However, here’s the price: $360 pesos per kilo. And there are two other ingredients to round out the mixed salad: a kilo of tomatoes costs $1,100, though some are left over for the sauce, which barely exceeds $140. And lettuce? 100 grams bid $620.

Qatar Snacks, Complete Budget.  Photo: Alejandro Bar / Special Envoy.

Qatar Snacks, Complete Budget. Photo: Alejandro Bar / Special Envoy.

The journey continues through the gondolas of cleaning and personal hygiene products. The always important toilet paper, on average and for 6 rolls of 30 meters each, you pay about a thousand pesos. You will have to invest about 2 thousand pesos per kilo for laundry soap powder. And dish detergent starts at $500. do you have a baby? Diapers, pack of 30, about 4 thousand pesos. Argentina has the same brands, but they are imported from Italy, Germany and Spain. And finally, la yerba mate, Yes, it is also available in Qatar, although as expected, much more expensive than in our country: 250 grams of Pipore Missionary is about 800 pesos.

Shall we have some treats? I know, we already spent everything in our pocket. But being on a diet doesn’t mean we can’t look at the menu. A medium jar of olives costs 320 pesos, candy, mostly made in Japan, a thousand pesos a bag. A package of gummies, which are shaped, costs $320, a chocolate-covered wafer, such as those found in free stores, costs $80 per unit, a box of muesli costs more than $1,000, and an energy drink $980 a can even leaves you without a ticket from Baker.

Bah, after this note, there are no Bakers or Jaguars or Evitas or Rocas left to bear – nor Franklin – without spilling the savings bank red blood during this long stay that awaits us in the land of the World Cup. Is.

Doha, Qatar. special envoy.

Images Of A Supermarket In The Al Sadd Area, One Of The Most Populous Neighborhoods In Doha, Qatar.  Photo: Alejandro Bar / Special Envoy.

Images of a supermarket in the Al Sadd area, one of the most populous neighborhoods in Doha, Qatar. Photo: Alejandro Bar / Special Envoy.

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