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Priest Paco Olveira: “Everything would have been better if Alberto had listened to Cristina in these 3 years”

Priest Paco Olveira: "Everything would have been better if Alberto had listened to Cristina in these 3 years"

Villero Priest Paco Olveira (ESMA Museum)

Paco Olveira, One of the references to Villero priests in the province of Buenos Aires and a member of the group Cura Néoption for the poor, harshly criticized President Alberto Fernández for his treatment of the most needy areas and warned that The government “doesn’t keep the pen where it is meant to be”.

Olveira, Joe. are in charge of Blessed Enrique Angelelli Chapel and Fellow Martyrs in the Eva Peron Bastion in Merlo, was deeply concerned about the recent rates of poverty and indigestion released by the national government. He also warned that the situation in the most vulnerable areas is very worrying.

“There are people who don’t have enough to eat in our country””, emphasized Olvera during an interview with the journalist Nancy Pazos on the radio show Metro 95.1 . from russian roulette

“Our country is increasingly wealth-focused and what we say is that there is greed and excessive ambition of these concentrated sectors on the one hand and On the other hand, there is inaction on the part of the government, which does not put the pen where it should be.”, assured the priest.

The latest data from the National Institute of Statistics and Census (Index) has revealed that The poverty rate in Argentina was 36.5% in the first half of 2022 and the poverty level reached 8.8%, it shows the total 17.3 million people in poverty and 4.2 crores in poverty conditions.

“It is very painful, especially when you wake up knowing the extraordinary profits of companies, outside any ordinary calculation (…) It can’t happen that food companies become super-rich. There’s the flip side: there are people who don’t have enough to eat,” he reflected.

Paco Olveira With Kristin Kirchner In The Senate
Paco Olveira with Kristin Kirchner in the Senate

Meanwhile, Olveira separated President Alberto Fernández from responsibilities from Vice President Cristina Kirchner and even criticized the president for not coming close to the opinion of the former president: “I think things would have been much better for our country if Alberto had heard Christina more in these 3 years“, she claimed.

Olveira was one of the priests who attended during the act performed by Christina, which meant her first public appearance since facing an assassination attempt at the door of her home on September 1.

For his part, Villero Priest also targeted an area of ​​the CGT, which he accused of protecting the interests of the owners of companies many times more than the interests of employees.

“Now, my lord, We have a good share of CGTs who are more businessmen than trade unionists and who protect the pocket of the employer as compared to the employee. They said they were in permanent mobilization after the attack on Christina and They are still ensconced in the chair”, Critical.

Olveira also expressed his concern about what might happen in the 2023 elections and predicted that unless an unforeseen event happens, everything seems to be headed for one. victory of the main opposition in Argentina.

,It’s what you’re gonna get it’s just back, That the most radical right-wing alternatives return, that neoliberalism returns and we know what happened during the 4 years of Macros”, he assured.

“Among other things, they left us a huge debt which this government has legalized by making that agreement. I’m not an economist, but I see that my neighbor, with the dining room, barely gets to eat, but she can’t even think of changing the mattress if a refrigerator is broken. That agreement with the IMF was to legalize a debt that didn’t belong to our people and was used to win elections and that too survived.“, He added.

The Latest Index Data Shows That More Than 40 Lakh People Are In A Dire Situation (Na/Daniel Vides)
The latest index data shows that more than 40 lakh people are in a dire situation (NA/DANIEL VIDES)

Olveira highlights how Nestor Kirchner, after receiving just under 25% of the vote in 2003, managed to stand his ground in front of an unfavorable Supreme Court, and prayed that Alberto Fernández would hold on to those powers. to stand those whom he feels guilty. Wrong distribution of wealth in the country.

“We are in a situation around the world, like Italy, where it seems that the anger of the population is transmitted through the right and the extreme right instead of on the left, as it was at other times. Those of us who wanted to change the world were leftists. Today it is the extreme authority which is taking the position and anger of the people. The issue is very complex,” he explained.

And he reflected: “We must continue the cultural fight and I continue to believe the phrase that a saint used to say in ancient times: “Not sharing goods with the poor is stealing from them and taking their lives.“Because they are not ours but theirs. I think then we have to put it into practice. This practice is imposed by the state, not by the free market. It is not an individual question but a question of structure and collectivity.”

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