Profeco reveals what Knorr Cubes are made of

Profeco reveals what Knorr Cubes are made of

Analyze the quality and characteristics of Products and Services that are offered within Mexican marketOr, it has become a frequent activity on the part of the country’s authorities to make the consumers aware of the products they buy in their day to day.

Due to the fast pace of life, most people prefer easy-to-prepare food. Among the products that stand out to facilitate and accelerate the preparation process of various dishes, where the famous broth and/or bouillon cubes Of chicken.

they are used by many people to spice food and it tastes good, which is widely used soups, rice dishes, pasta, marinades and stews, many more, It allows food preparation processes to be more simple and fast, which would avoid the steps needed to add a touch of traditional flavor.

Regarding these products, on the market we can find different brands and presentations, among all Knorr stands out as perhaps the most popular and consumed. Given this situation, to help consumers identify what these types of products are made of, the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (PROFECO) has conducted a study to inform you about their nutritional contribution. .

Regarding this product, most people think that they only contain broth and/or chicken brothHowever, being a process product, the reality is that it made of many other ingredients, Therefore, if you want to know what the products are made of, we give you more information.

Profeco reveals what Knorr Chicken Stock Cubes are made of

Prediction Turns out that, in general, chicken bouillon cubes are made of a Salt Blend, Corn Starch, Monosodium Glutamate, Chicken Meat and Fat, Sugar, Seasoning, Color, Natural and Artificial Flavor and Vegetable Protein and Fat.

especially, mexican standard Specifies that poultry stock should be in cubes:

Minimum 6% Total Protein, according to specific PredictionAccording to the instructions for use the reconstituted product should contain 50 mg/l of nitrogen from the meat, which is the way to measure meat protein, as it is made up of nitrogen.

For less than 400 mg/l poultry fatAnd can also be combined with other fats apart from the bird in question.

With regard to the results of studies to determine the nutritional contribution of cubes of Knorr Chicken BrothThe Prediction It can conclude that, in particular, this product complies with the meat content (measured as nitrogen in mg/l of the finished product) described in the standard, which contains 53.74 mg/l of the finished product. In addition, the following were found:

It contains 0.62 g of fat per 250 ml of the finished product.

It contains 0.44 grams of protein per 250 ml of the finished product.

Contains 3.17 grams of salt per 250 ml of the finished product.

It contains 1.5 grams of carbohydrates per 250 ml of the finished product.

It provides 13 kcal per 250 ml of the finished product.

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