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Saturday, April 1, 2023

“PRP, biostimulation with lamellar-rich plasma, is today’s star treatment for skin renewal and rejuvenation.”

Dr. Margarita González-Onandía López has a degree in Medicine from the Complutense University of Madrid, specializing in General Surgery and the Digestive System and Aesthetic Medicine, a member of the Plastic Unit of the Hospital Ioaneda Clinic in Palm. In this interview, Dr. In this interview, González-Onandia explains the therapeutic offer of Iohaneda Hospitals in a sensitive and complex field, as it is to stop the effects of the slipping years on the skin and beauty in general forever. perspective of common sense and medical science.

Q. What is aesthetic medicine?
A.-Aesthetic medicine promotes the beauty of the body and controls the changes associated with the aging process. Body beauty has gained great importance in our society. A positive self-perception helps to increase self-esteem and our acceptance, and all this leads to better social adjustment. Aesthetic medicine helps in all of these.

Q.—There are illustrious doctors who believe that aging is a form of disease and that it can be prevented, improved and reduced. Is Aesthetic Medicine the first great ally against aging?
A. Of course. And not only for the retardation of all these changes inherent in aging, but also as a form of prevention. It has been proven that we tend to worship beauty. Aesthetic medicine allows us to achieve a more beautiful and youthful appearance of the body. And it also helps to get the proportions and imperfections right. That is why it is a specialty that is more and more in demand in society and at ever younger ages.

Q.—We talked, if you please, about some treatments offered by Juaneda Hospitals. What can it tell us about skin renewal and the development of facial rejuvenation?
A. – The star treatment for skin renewal and rehabilitation is now biostimulation with platelet-rich plasma, a system called PRP. It consists of extracting blood from the patient, which will be subjected to centrifugation, obtaining a fracture rich in lamellae. This product is infused into the patient to release growth, antioxidant and regenerative properties. It has been seen that when injected into the target tissues in which we want to act, we increase collagen and the production of mesenchymal stem cells. With this, you get more rejuvenated and rejuvenated skin. The treatment is now in vogue because it involves cell regeneration at a deep level of the dermis.

Q.—It is a well-known Botox treatment. What signs and what limits does it have?
A. Botox is a basic therapeutic weapon in daily consultations. It is a neurotoxin, a neuromodulator that, injected into the muscular tissues, numbs or relaxes the muscle, generating an elevated effect, with the removal of wrinkles and an improvement in skin quality and texture. Wrinkles between the eyebrows, the forehead and the corners of the feet, on the sides of the eyes. Neurotoxin can also be applied to the sweat glands in the wings, palms of the hands, and soles of the feet for hyperhidrosis (excess sweat production).

Q. What did he peel off?
A. – Well, as the name indicates, barks. It consists of abrasion of the skin, causing acute inflammation with subsequent cell regeneration and skin repair, which is the goal of the treatment. Instead of deep, there are shallow, medium or deep onions. Chemical resurfacing consists in the application of chemical agents that exfoliate the skin, resulting in a newer, clearer skin, closed pores, erased imperfections, with a reduction in scars and bruises, for a totally regenerated and renewed skin.

Q. You also hear about hyaluronic acid treatments. What’s the point?
A. Hyaluronic acid is the basic molecule that is in the extracellular matrix of all vertebrates. It is also concentrated in the tissues, such as in the joints, where there is movement. Specifically in the skin it is located in the dermis, in the extracellular matrix. Hyaluronic acid contributes to the firmness, elasticity and hydration of the skin. During the aging process, the presence of this molecule in the body is lost. That’s why what we do is replace hyaluronic acid in these areas. This sign can be a complement to that Botox, which is used on the upper third of the face, the expression of wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid will be applied to restore lost volume. He also usually does lip reshaping, or rhinoplasty (reshaping the nose) with spectacular results. It usually increases, shapes, corrects asymmetries, stands out, fills… Hyaluronic acid remains in the body for up to a year, depending on the metabolism of each cell.

Q. What can happen that I am not able to repair the damage?
A.—Hyaluronic acid is indicated as a treatment for filling and repositioning the skin, to recover the volume that has been lost. Other things are also useful, called collagen inducers, which help the fibroblast, which is the reproductive cell of the organism and which, due to aging, no longer produces endogenously, stimulates itself and produces again. In this process, the skin regenerates and becomes denser and firmer. Tension threads can also be used in the third level of the medium, which exert tension (through traction) and generate collagen.

Q.—And for blacks?
A. – The first thing to consider is that dark circles have a multiplicative origin. One indication is the infiltration of hyaluronic acid into the groove, suitable for cases in which there is an involvement of bones and ligaments such as the lacrimal groove and the orbito-malarial groove (the whole area of ​​the so-called “eye circle”). Pigment changes in dark circles can be treated with an onion or products that improve the quality of the dermis, such as polynucleotides, and we can use lasers for mixed-type black circles.

Q.—There are also weak treatments, right?
R. – There are also many treatments for this problem. We can talk about body modeling equipment, or the use of radiofrequency to stimulate the generation of collagen. Infusions of collagen inducers may also be indicated, which do what they do, making the skin redden, firming, and generating tension and slack fighting.

Q. Are you concerned about the influx of people who can use aesthetic improvements?
R.- It worries me, especially because of the youth I refer to these and other famous men. But you must be careful. For each thing must be done in its own way. Aesthetic medicine is to restore, to preserve, to prevent, but it cannot be excessive, nor generate the opposite effect, as young people begin to have complexes to achieve a form of beauty. Everything is beautiful, you can only enhance what you have and correct any imperfection, which is probably not suitable for the young and the young, because the aesthetic is anti-aging and the slowness of those changes that are restored to us with age; with a younger face to feel more beautiful. But always observe the line and avoid excess.

Q.—In summary, what treatments or therapies do you suggest to improve aesthetics, within the limits offered by Juaneda Hospitals?
A. – We can talk, within the devices, lasers, radio frequencies, LPG, IPL, etc. On the other hand, the top of the skin with an attack that exfoliates treatments or dermocosmetics; Handle deeper, fill and throw, filling materials; feed and biostimulate it with PRP, polynucleotides, tighten it with subdermal threads, or fight with collagen inducers or languish, don’t forget Botox, relax the muscles and make the wrinkles disappear.

Watch the web interview, broadcast on Salut i Força TV on this page.

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