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Reading before bedtime: a drug for mental health and sleep hygiene

Reading before bedtime: a drug for mental health and sleep hygiene

It helps to disconnect, enhances relaxation and helps you fall asleep, among other things.

Reading before bed serves as a medicine for mental health and sleep hygiene


Much has been said about the many benefits of reading for your mental health. Reading improves memory, concentration, relieves stress and also gives you the best position for sound sleep.

It is one of the best medicines for mental health and sleep hygiene. This activity contributes to cognitive reserve and helps us create the material for our dreams.

Here are the benefits of reading before sleeping:

  • Helps to disconnect from day to day, When night falls the body is such that it can no longer refer to our heads. It is a continuum of information that passes at great speed to compile everything that has been experienced, and which tries to plan for the next day.

  • Promotes relaxation and helps you fall asleep. Creating a routine or habit of reading before sleeping will help us to relax and fall asleep. This routine will be a clear warning to our body and mind to detach and rest.
  • It increases concentration, activates memory and helps with dreaming. It helps us in enhancing our ability to concentrate while activating our memory and memory power. This state of concentration and assimilation before sleeping will increase his chances of dreaming.

  • helps in better sleep, Relaxation helps to relax and recharge both the body and mind. That’s why it is very important to get good sleep and reading helps in this. In fact, 39% of people who read before bed get a great deal of sleep.

To guarantee comfort, we should also think about the food we eat at night. When thinking about what to make for dinner, it is best to bet on good quality products with high nutritional density and which allow for easy digestion to avoid feeling bad during the night. There are five foods we should avoid:

  1. any meal with Sugar Should be avoided at night. According to the European Sleep Institute, it states that people who consume large amounts of sugar have less deep sleep.
  2. Although chocolate With a high percentage of cocoa it is considered a good food to include in our diet, it is not optimal to consume in dinner. The interior of this product contains an alkaloid similar to caffeine.
  3. digestion of legumes It is not easy and there are people who produce gases obtained from fermentation of their fiber. In the middle of the night this can translate into problems with rest.
  4. loss Spicy Products They usually cause a little heavy digestion. For this reason it is not optimal to dine on spicy food.
  5. las cruciferous They are products that contain a lot of fiber, so they often ferment in the intestine and increase gas production. After all, at dinner you have to prioritize easily digestible foods in order to guarantee sleep with the minimum number of possible interruptions afterwards.

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