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Reflections of Daily Life: ‘Is There No Prepaid Alternative Medicine?’

Reflections of Daily Life: 'Is There No Prepaid Alternative Medicine?'

Is there no prepaid alternative medicine?

Despite the fact that the list of alternative medicinal practices is endless and includes Reiki, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, utonia, mud therapy, music therapy, orthomolecular medicine, acupuncture, magnetotherapy, curotherapy, ticketometry and thousands of others, it is striking that they do not. has been organized and is a prepaid alternative medicine It’s all cash. or debit. And this makes me doubt whether I am facing an alternative to traditional, scientific medicine, or if it is a practice we resort to when there is no other option. A kind of blue medicine.

Be warned: traditional medicine can also be alternative: if you don’t like what the doctor says, look for another, A “second opinion”. Is this not an option?

Ultimately, the drug and its substitutes come from a single place at the bottom of the story: from the tribal wizard who healed you with macumbus, gulichos, and foot odor. Or it didn’t fix you. And he blamed the gods. It is clear that they did not know as much about medicine as sorcerers.

In favor of alternative medicine, everything seems better: “Aromatherapy” is better than “colonoscopy”. “Prinic Healing” sounds more beautiful than “Polypectomy”. Even “Locomia” Sounds More Fun,

Seriously: Think of the term “reflexology.” How do you feel about it? To me, that you heal yourself by reflecting on yourself and save yourself the measure. What better way to heal yourself than by listening to music by Fito Pez while doing “phytotherapy”? or “auriculotherapy”, that name is provocative, Or doesn’t it tell you better than “proctology”?

One of the things that makes me skeptical of alternative medicine is the places they participate: in the big cities. They have fashion offices, very fashion, but in smaller towns, they serve you in the living room, on the patio, or even in the noba. And that is, if you don’t have to travel 40 kilometers on dirt roads on donkey’s back, it’s served at the dubious aseptic farm, where there’s a steamy saucepan you don’t know what. It is medicine, a mixture or stew.

Another against the credibility of alternative treatments is the fact that, of course, they cure everything. As if he started reading the symptoms on Wikipedia, he compiled them, and they fix everything. Is it possible to cure headache, rheumatism, calluses, tension, acne, evil eye, piles, impotence and Oedipus complex with a single dropper?

Surely people of a certain age will remember that when we were children—that is, I am of a certain age—there was a universal remedy that was used for all ills and was to come: The Seven Up. Fever, measles, whooping cough, dyspepsia, broken wrist, chills, flat earth, whatever.Your old lady consumed a glass up, a teaspoon to get rid of gas… and took the holy remedy! What I never understood is how they don’t sell drinks without gas, straight up, if it was so good at everything.

Many people believe that and that’s okay. It does them good too. And that’s fine. Others, many, are on-going because there is a certain air of sophistication about using alternative medicine. “Yesterday I went to the otorhinolaryngologist because I had a bad ear” is not the same as saying “Yesterday I went for colon rehydration”. The second option is much more “cool”, However if you had colon rehydration due to an injury to your ear, I have two options: you prefer the longest way to reach the solution, or you are not very clear about human anatomy.

I believe that, contrary to what one might think, many people are intimidated by alternative treatments because of television. After four or five hours of watching some cable channels, everything is a mess. The energy of the pyramid, the face of the so-called professional, the mental state of the specialist… Instead, you see drugs from labs being hyped up and it’s something else: beautiful, healthy, smiling people, and they even give you a graph of that. How do you lower the pill, and then you think: “Whoa! They also have charts on how it works. It must be great!” Others, on the other hand, wear headbands, earrings, small stones, and they look like a cross between King Carlos and… King Carlos, they all have a really bad day (because He had not taken his medicine).

Even then, I insist: if it works for you, go ahead. No one has the absolute truth. Because it seems the dilemma is to believe or to burst. Logically, it is always better not to burst and it is far more tempting to light a candle than to go to the gynecologist for a pap. That if: if the gynecologist is waiting for you with a candle, then I ran in search of another option.

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