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Republican Red Wave absent in United States elections

Republican Red Wave absent in United States elections

Leandro Dario, economist and editor of Forbes Argentina magazine, gives his opinion on the Democratic victory US election from tomorrow. “Democrats did well despite Biden, who only has a very low approval level of 41%, and despite the economy,” he said. Modo FontavecchiaBy Net TV and Radio Profile (FM 101.9).

Nuria M (NA): Are yesterday’s results in the United States elections surprising?

This is surprising, as a great Republican victory was expected. In the United States, historically, the ruling party has always lost midterm elections. Not only because of tradition, but also because they are alive, this result was expected Highest inflation in last four decades And they’re about to enter a recession.

The first fact is that There Was No Republican Great Red Wave, Based on trends, they seem to control the House of Representatives, but Democrats are very close to securing a majority in the Senate to control the upper house. The Senate has one hundred senators, a third chamber was renewed in this election, 35 seats.

The Democrats won a contested seat in a traditionally Republican Pennsylvania. This left him very close to the 50 minimum senators that would allow him The upper house is in control.

Without the “red tide” but with a sign of Joe Biden’s exhaustion: the key to the election in America

The second fact is what the Republican interior looks like in the face of 2024. Donald Trump was not a candidate in these elections, but he supported some candidates who did not perform well. in these elections A Great Rival for Donald Trump Emerged In the Republican Interior, Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis,

Ron DeSantis ran for re-election and won it easily. He was positioned as the man who disputed Trump’s Republican internship in 2024.

He: Will it complicate Donald Trump’s prospects if he wants to launch a new campaign?

Yes, although Donald Trump is still the most favored of the Republican bases. But the fact that a figure of weight is revealed is relevant.

DeSantis achieved something that is not modest. Florida was traditionally a swing state, swinging election after election between Republicans and Democrats. DeSantis managed to get Florida became a republican state, It’s been ten years since a Democrat won that state.

It’s likely that many businessmen who support the Republican campaign will start giving money to Ron DeSantis so that he can a donald trump desafiar,

Donald Trump: US elections prove his power is waning

He: In the world, ruling parties are losing their efforts during the pandemic because of the dilapidated consequences. The Trump government had made some progress in economic matters, but forgettable management, especially with respect to human rights and others, did you think had an impact on the election?

Republicans may have focused on the campaign. It should have been nationalized and attention should have been paid to how bad the economy is. Republicans campaigned on the grounds that they “stole the election” in 2020, opposing state-by-state progress on abortion rights.

Those more identity issues involving identity policies, gender, etc. mobilized Democratic bases who went out to vote to protect those rights. Indeed, before the Supreme Court ruled Roe vs. Wade Those who facilitated abortion, Democratic electoral bases were discouraged, they did not want to go to vote. Remember that in the United States Voting is not mandatory,

I’ll tell you the Democrats did well Despite BidenWhich has a very low approval rating of only 41%, and despite the economy.

Elections in the United States: Winners, Losers, and Battles That Are Still to be Defined

Fernando Minos (FM): In the United States, people often talk of “lame ducks” referring to the president, who has no chance of re-election, but still has the mandate ahead of him. Based on these results, what happens to Joe Biden?

In these two years, interestingly, Republicans, by controlling the House of Representatives, are going to block much of Biden’s legislative agenda. Biden will have little room to pursue his 2020 campaign promises.

What can Biden say he did in the midterm election, much better than Obama in 2010 and trump in 2018. But inside the Democratic Party, there may be a more progressive wing asking them don’t go to re-election, That he’s a weak president, that he’s having problems with his public appearances, that he turns 80 this year, etc.

However, if Biden decides to run for re-election, I don’t think there will be too many insiders in the party, because even Democrats know that they are very fragile politically and financially, and it is not in their best interest to do so. . things that further harm a leadership that is so damaged,


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