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RN faces inquiry at a bad time which could strengthen Minister Toha

The challenge for the interior minister, Carolina Toha, could become an opportunity for the ruling party to present progress on the security and legislative agenda. The debate takes place in the context of internal disputes and confusion over national renewal following the election on 7 May. A broad field of militants decided to block the reappointment of Francisco Chahuan and Diego Chalper to the leadership of the store, while they seek a consensus list to get out of the bad political moment in which the community finds itself. Interpolation will be in charge of deputy Andres Longton, who intends to show the party as a relevant and determined actor of the opposition.

Today, Tuesday 16 May at 3:00 pm, the opposition asks the Minister of the Interior Carolina Toha to answer before the Chamber of Deputies and the Deputies on the country’s security situation. The initiative arose within National Renewal (RN) and the role of inquiry will be in the hands of deputy Andres Longton. This happens at a complicated time for the RN, given the different positions on how to protest: tougher or more dialogue, following the onslaught of the Republican Party on the recent election to the Constitutional Council. For many, the challenge, for Minister Toha, could turn out to be a lifeline for the government and a great opportunity for the interior chief to show off all the progress in his portfolio.

The idea of ​​interpolation was born in Congress on Wednesday, 19 April, at a meeting between the RN’s secretary general, Diego Schalper, the party’s head of deputies, Frank Sörbaum, and Andrés Longton, the latter of who considered One of the most knowledgeable parliamentarians on matters of community safety. In that meeting, Scalper proposed to his co-religionists an interdict against Minister Toha, which received good reception, although with some doubts that were cleared up during that week, to be finally approved on 26 April. At the time, none of those involved could have imagined that after being left as the hardest-hit party on the right due to the results of the 7M election, Renovación Nacional would interpolate amid a strong internal dispute.

“12 reasons to question Minister Carolina Toha #SeAcabóLaPaciencia” is the title of the document that explains the questions the Secretary of State has to answer. Support for the Carabineros, the legislative agenda, organized crime, the immigration crisis, social outbreaks, and victims of terrorism are some of the issues Minister Toha will have to answer to Deputy Longton in the lower house.


At La Moneda, they believe this is an ideal opportunity for the government to highlight all the steps it has taken in security and to show progress. The minister’s spokesperson, Camila Vallejo, told La Moneda that it was a favorable circumstance to make the security agenda visible: “We have a very strong agenda and we are very interested in going deeper to find out,” he said.

“This is a very good opportunity to give an overview of the details of the initiative,” said Álvaro Elizalde, head of SegPress, in the spokesman’s office last week. In addition, he sent a message to the parliament: “I hope that the parliamentary assessment is up to the objectivity that the important issue of security requires.”

Even Minister Carolina Toha herself referred to interpolation without any premises: “The issues that the deputies have raised, I like that we talk about them., Voices close to him warn that this has been a debate won, until Toha loses her temper and with it, the technical and cool approach she should project.

The head of the interior portfolio held meetings until Monday afternoon with the team in charge of the security issue, led by criminologist Sergio Valenzuela, along with Alejandro Urquiza and migration expert Miguel Yakic. Accompanied by Under-Secretary Manuel Monsalve, Minister Toha reviewed police statistics and details. The team is confident that it will come out of the talks with flying colors and will be able to implement the government’s progress credibly.

Deputy Andres Celis (RN) believes that the executive’s responses will have many figures, and statistics and insists on holding accountable the management of former President Sebastián Piñera. That’s why, while he’s confident in Longton’s performance, he cautions that the key is to maintain a “proper tone,” especially when “it’s a man questioning a woman.” In simple terms, says Celis, the game that will take place today will be framed as “the one who gets angry is the one who loses”.

The most complex panorama that this projection brings is in the interior of national renewal. The initial idea of ​​this labor was to attract right-wing voters who may have drifted toward the Republican Party and therefore left it already 7M before the election. However, from the bench of deputation, he rejects that principle, because “We did not know how we were going to end up and it is an essential question because of the immigration issue and the security issues affecting the country”, assures the deputy and vice president of RN, Catalina del Real. who adds: “Minister They have to tell us, the Chamber and the country what measures are being taken to deal with it.

RN inside

The head of the RN bench of deputies, Frank Sauerbaum, says that “we have not dramatized the questioning issue, because it is an example for the minister to explain how the security issue is being dealt with.” In addition, he assured that, after the attack by the party of José Antonio Caste, “we have taken a political position and that is that we are not going to mix with the Republicans. It would be a mistake and it would be our fault.” The essence and history will be ignored”, underlines the deputy.

Sources inside Renovacion Nacional disagree with Sauerbaum’s view, which has a political position regarding separation from or closer to the Republican Party. After the victory of the group founded by JA Cast, the RN internship is in disarray, even in the same bench of deputies they warn that “they are two latent souls and it is not known how it will settle”. going”.

Party insiders point out that “what was once great for the RN, which was a diverse party, has now become a problem.” These voices are estimated to have lost many of their electorates to the community in the blink of an eye at the Centre. “The party neglected its essence, which is a right-wing party,” he explains. Even about the new leaders who are intended to emerge from this crisis, they indicate that they have a more centrist discourse that is ceasing to represent MPs who are more “hard” right wing.

In the RN, the departure of its current assistant, Senator Francisco Chahuán, and the Secretary General of the Community, Deputy Diego Schalper, in the internal elections next August, is a fact. The leadership is trying to build a consensus list that could be with Diego Paulsen and Andrea Balladeres, or with Paulina Nuñez and German Codina.

From the most compromise sector, they warn that there is no point in hardening, because “people have already shown that they trust Republicans more than they do on anti-crime issues or as opponents of the government.” Furthermore, they say the idea of ​​interpolating without knowing the election results in advance was a poor strategy, as will be seen from this Tuesday “For the Chilean Vamos, which was rated poorly by part of the population in polls, questioning a minister about security … could be seen as ‘stick face’.” In this view he will also link the ruling party – he says – that “We were in government for four years and we did nothing.”

In contrast to the above, Deputy Longton emphasized that interpolation is an important surveillance tool, as it allows citizens to find out what the government is doing in terms of security. The former head of the RN deputies’ bench pointed out that the main person responsible for some advances in security is Aprobo Dignidad and not fine minister Toha: “Unfortunately this government has a problem of clear prejudice with a snack that anchors President Boric I approve of the dignity, which prevents the Minister of the Interior from implementing firm and clear measures accordingly.”

This is the structure that Andres Longton expects to be projected, and the water within the RN is greatly moved. There are those on the bench who are fully confident that the deputy will “play a good part”; others expect him to be assertive and represent a position of extreme concern on the issue of security; And some believe that holding on to the said issue was a missed opportunity and now, it is a flag won by the Republican Party. From there, they decide: “Tomorrow (today) we are going to lose.”

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