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Royal family expert says Prince Charles is ‘at the end of his tether’ with son Harry

A royal family expert claimed Prince Charles is at the end of his rope with Prince Harry and was reluctant to meet his estranged son in a secret meeting last week.

Charles had a brief private meeting with Harry and wife Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle as the California transplant was stopped by the UK on his way to The Hague for the Invictus Games.

“As far as I knew, Charles was not particularly happy about doing it,” author and journalist Robert Jobson said during an appearance on GB News in the UK on Thursday. “They only agreed to meet if nothing was said about them on American TV.”

And Harry, who has been out with his father since leaving his royal duties two years ago, came to the meeting late, Jobson told GB host Dan Wooten.

Prince Charles Was Photographed At Bishop Auckland In County Durham Earlier This Month.
Prince Charles did the bishop earlier this month in Auckland, County Durham.
Prince Charles And Prince Harry Have Split Since Stepping Down From Royal Duties Two Years Ago.
Prince Charles and Prince Harry have split since stepping down from royal duties two years ago.
Getty Images
Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Attended The Invictus Games Earlier This Week.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended the Invictus Games earlier this week.
Sameer Hussain/WireImage

“The Prince of Wales has reached the end of their bond, they haven’t been in touch, and I think if he starts to blurt out about that meeting, I think it will be the end for him and Harry.” Will,” said Jobson, who has written several books on British royalty.

Harry appeared in an interview with Hoda Kotb a few days after the secret meeting, saying he was focused on making sure his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, was “protected” and that she had “the right people around her.” were.”

He also said he had a special relationship with the Queen, who turns 96 on Thursday, telling Kotb that they talk about things “she can’t talk to with anyone else.”

Harry With Hoda Kotb A Few Days After Secret Meeting
Harry appeared in a “Today” interview with Hoda Kotb a few days after the secret meeting.
NBC/Today Show
Prince Charles And His Sons Photographed Together In 2017.
Prince Charles as seen with his sons in 2017.
Getty Images

The comments reportedly raised eyebrows among insiders – as did Harry where he refrained from saying whether he missed Charles and brother Prince William.

Jobson said, “Whenever questions were raised about his father and his brother, he used to look very strange.”

“I think Prince Charles has probably thought that if my name is brought up in this, if these conversations happen in public where there are no aides present, there are no courtiers present then I’m not going to put up with it. – He’s drinking at The Last Chance Salon.”

Prince Harry Sat Down With Hoda Kotb For An Exclusive Chat.
Prince Harry sat down with Hoda Kotb for an exclusive chat.
NBC/Today Show
Prince Charles Is Reportedly Outraged By His Son'S Antics.
Prince Charles is reportedly “at the end of his tether” with his son.
Getty Images
Prince Harry Talks About Them &Quot;Special&Quot; Relations With His Grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.
Prince Harry talks about his “special” relationship with Queen Elizabeth.

Harry has spoken about life as a royal in several high-profile interviews, and has clashed with the British government about the lack of security when his family visits the UK.

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