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Samsung’s Expert Raw app sounds like it’s coming to more Galaxy phones

Stable version launching on February 25

Last year, Samsung introduced the Expert Raw app for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, giving users extended access to the phone’s telephoto cameras and offering the best image quality they can get. Since then, the app has been in beta testing and received multiple updates to fix bugs and add new features. Last week the manufacturer confirmed that Expert Raw would be compatible with the new Galaxy S22 series, including even the smaller models. Now it looks like Expert Raw might be about to gain support for a lot more devices as it launches to the public later this month.

According to a Samsung forum moderator in South Korea (spotted by SamMobile), the first stable version of Expert Raw should be released on February 25 — the same day its latest flagship phones go on sale. The public build would also supposedly coincide with the app becoming available on additional devices.

Galaxy Expert Raw app

While a list of compatible phones was not shared, the post did note that only the “top models” will be supported based on their chipset and camera setup. This likely means that the stable version of Expert Raw should be available for the Z Fold3, Flip3, and probably the entire Galaxy S21 series, with the possibility of being joined by other premium Samsung phones launched in the past year.

At first glance, Expert Raw might seem similar to the Pro mode in the default Samsung camera app, but it’s got a few special abilities. Those include computational photography magic like multi-frame HDR, the ability to combine data from multiple sensors for better low-light performance, and RAW capture for the telephoto shooters — the stock camera only supports the primary and ultra-wide cameras. The app can also save photos in lossless JPEG and 16-bit DNG RAW format at the same time and features native integration with Adobe Lightroom for easy editing.

Hopefully we’ll be getting the full story on this Expert Raw expansion sometime in the next couple weeks.

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