SATSE warns of risk of ending health services in Spain "like the United Kingdom"

SATSE warns of risk of ending health services in Spain “like the United Kingdom”

Nursing union, SATSE, has warned of the “harmful consequences of the privatization of health care for patients through concerts, as studies have already confirmed that lead to an increase in the rate of preventable deaths”. does”.

For example, the SATSE cited a recent study “as a result of research conducted by the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom and published in the prestigious scientific journal “The Lancet”, which states that the outsourcing of health services, in other words, The concert between public and private health has increased the rate of preventable deaths, and warns of the dangers of processes that lead to the covert privatization of health care”.

For this reason, the Nursing Union “expresses great concern about the development of agreements between public and private health care in recent years, as they negatively affect patient safety and quality of care”. Another aspect criticized by SATSE is the “current uncertainty of human resources in private health in terms of nurses and other staff, without forgetting that like any private company, economic profitability is sought, which is the most important in health”. is not appropriate”, he points out, something that “should alert institutions and political parties to protect and strengthen public health with adequate funding as well as the resources and means that allow it to solve the health problems of populations.” make them sustainable, viable, effective and agile in doing.” ,

In this sense, the nursing union tells private health employers that “the pursuit of business and economic profitability in the income statement is legitimate, but it should not be forgotten that the business that is generated and the economic profit that is owned by the private hospitals are owned by the people.” diseases have to pay the price.” Similarly, the union organization does not find it fair that “a large part of private hospital healthcare bases the viability of their companies on the millions of euros they can receive in the form of subsidies through public health celebrations, Because it causes an unacceptable dependency. By introducing public funding they can get”.

SATSE affirms that this situation is “acknowledged by institutions and public administrations, which have historically shown a worrying inability to respond, as evidenced by public health’s structural deficits in funding, lack of beds, optimization of operating rooms and Outpatient consultation and care is evident in health centers, as well as the lack of nurses and physiotherapists, the lack of plans and the development of strategies to reduce waiting lists, without forgetting the overcrowding of centers or the physical and mental exhaustion of professionals. leading to the unstoppable growth of private insurance and unfair concert with private health, while the public continues to be largely disenfranchised from public powers”, they assure the union organization.

Finally, the union calls on the government, health ministry and regional administrations to “optimize and adequately measure public health operations and real needs. If it is necessary to move to private health after that, SATSE has no problem, But only after applying public health “to 100%” of the means, resources, funding and operation of the centres. Private yes, but always in collaboration, never by replacement of the public by the private”, he concluded.






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